Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Valentín / Valentines

Esto es lo ocurrido en la última semana y que estuvo relacionado con San Valentín. Encontrarán las últimas manualidades que realizamos, los preparativos para ese día y finalmente, el 14 de febrero. Lamentablemente, este año no realizamos nada entre nosotros debido a la falta de transportación pero, ni modo otros días de San Valentín vendrán y esperemos en Dios que sean mejor que este.


This is what happened last week and related to Valentine's Day. Here are the last handicrafts we made, the preparations for that day and finally, February 14. Sadly, this year we could not do anything among us due to the lack of transportation but, neither way other days of Valentines will come and we have hope in God that they will be better than this.


Craft # 1: Heart flowers

Craft #2: Hearts with stickers

Treat bags for their friends at school

Treats for their teachers (we made oreo, carrots and butter cupcakes) and also add a mug.

little decoration to the boxes

Valentine's Day

with their classmates and teachers

Checking their cards and candies at home


Steph said...

Their class picture is just too cute with all of them in red and pink! What a great idea. You were so generous to give such a nice gift to their teachers. And love all their crafts. Looks like a fun Valentine's Day for your girls!

Mighty M said...

You did a great job on the teacher gifts. I am glad the girls had a fun celebration at school.

Caroline said...

looks like a crafty week at your house!

Missy said...

What great pictures!
Happy Valentine's to you and your sweet girls

Danae said...

what fun crafts! That's really cute that everyone in your girls' class were wearing red and pink.

Malena said...

Yummy cupcakes!!!
What a nice class they have! I was laughing to myself - the teacher kept her boobs tucked in this time ;)

Now what?! Are you guys doing Spring related crafts? St.Patty's? Easter is so far away...

Nice pics --- as always, I and hope everyone feels great!