Monday, February 21, 2011

Fin de Semana Largo / Long Weekend

Viernes: Mi hermana nos prestó su carro y las niñas pudieron ir a la escuela. Pablo y yo nos fuimos en la búsqueda de las piezas para la guagua.
Sábado: Recogimos las piezas para la guagua pero, resultó que no sirvieron. Llevamos a Sofia al hospital para que le cortaran los puntos (primero nosotros intentamos hacerlo en casa pero ella no se dejó así que fuimos al hospital). La tarde fue bien lluviosa.
Domingo: Fuimos al Festival del Frío a ver a mi sobrina cantar. Lo hizo precioso y estamos muy orgullosos de ella.
Lunes: Encargamos otra vez la pieza de la guagua, luego disfrutamos de un rico helado y por último a nuestra casa donde hicimos algunas tareas.

Feliz semana para todos.


Friday: My sister lent us her car and the girls could go to school. Pablo and I went in search of the parts for the minivan.
Saturday: We picked up the parts for the minivan but, they were not the right ones. We took Sofia to the hospital to had her stitches cut (first we try to do it at home but she would not let us so we went to the hospital). The afternoon was rainy.

Sunday: We went to the Cold Festival to see my niece singing. She did it preciously and we are very proud of her.
(without stiches)

Monday: We ordered the parts for the minivan again, after that we enjoyed a rich ice cream and finally back home where we did some tasks.

Happy week for all.



Steph said...

Hope you're on your way to fixing the van soon, and things can get back to normal. You are so brave to even try to remove the stitches yourself! I would have gone straight to the hospital! Glad she is better.

Jeremi said...

glad to hear the stitches are out and the van parts are ordered ..... how exciting that your niece sang at an event!!

have a wonderful day, annie!

Mighty M said...

Hope you get the car fixed very soon!

Jill said...

I hope things get sorted out with your van's such an inconvenience to have a vehicle breakdown!

girlytwins said...

Very cool war wound :) She looks so cute! Sorry to hear your van is still not working, I can imagine how hard that must be.