Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miércoles / Wednesday

Nuestro día consistió de:

* Pablo hoy no trabajó y las niñas no fueron a la escuela (no transportación)

* Limpieza extrema en la habitación de las niñas y la nuestra (era necesario debido al catarro), esto incluyó el lavado de ventanas y screens

* Sábanas, colchas y cortinas limpias

* Lavado de pelo para las tres

* Pablo entretuvo las niñas mientras yo cociné y limpié

* Cena: arroz con gandules y pollo asado

* Lavar, planchar, doblar y guardar ropa también formaron parte de nuestro día (gracias a Pablo que siempre me ayuda en esto)

* y por último, nos entregaron nuestra guagua, síííííííííí.


Our day consisted of:

* Pablo did not went to work today and the girls did not went to school (not transportation)

* Extreme cleaning of the bedrooms (the girls and ours) it was necessary due to the cold sympthoms we have been having, including washing windows and screens

* Loundry : sheets, bedspreads and curtains

* Wash of hair for the three of us

* Pablo entertained the girls while I cooked and cleaned

* Supper: rice with lazybones and roasted chicken

* Laundry, ironing, folding and putting clothes in drawers and hangers also formed part of our day (thanks to Pablo who always helps me in this)

* and finally, they delivered us our minivan, yessssssss.



Steph said...

Yeeeahhh you got your van back! Woohoo! Hope all the cleaning kees the germs away and you all stay healthy.
What are lazybones (besides me of course)?

Tamela said...

Seems like you had quite a busy day! I hope you got to relax eventually.

Malena said...

Yay! FINALLY! I am so happy to hear you got your van back! I would be totally stranded too if mine stopped working.

What is lazybones? :)

Jeremi said...

yippeeeee on getting your van back! great news to read annie : )

do your girls help clean? i think of you when i clean our house : )

The Smiths said...

So glad you got your van back!!! woohoo!
Now, what are Lazybones? noodles???

Jill said...

YEAH! You got your van back! I hope everyone is germ-free soon!

girlytwins said...

Yea!! I bet you are soooo happy to have your van back! I hope the super cleaning rid all the germs in your house.