Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pendiente / Stay Tuned

Los últimos días han sido caóticos así que pendientes a:

1. Visita a la sala de emergencias (Sofia).

2. Mini van, dañada sinónimo de: no tenemos transportación.

3. Paola enferma.

4. Proyectos realizados en la casa.

5. Preparación para el día de San Valentín.

6. y mucho más......


The last days have been chaotic so stay tuned to:

1. Trip to ER (Sofia).

2. Our mini van had some problems so we do not have transportation.

3. Paola got sick.

4. Little projects around the house.

5. Valentines Day preparation.

6. and more. .....



The Smiths said...

Hope everyone is feeling better.

And I hope your van is running soon. Nothing is worse than no transportation

girlytwins said...

I hope daddy gets better quickly and so does your van :) Happy Valentine's day!!

Raising Z said...

you poor things! I hope things are looking up now! Happy Valentines Day

Jill said...

Oh my goodness! I hope everyone is better and things are back to normal soon! Take care!