Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Comida Favorita de las Nenas / Favorite Food for the Girls


* siempre comienzan tomando leche.
* farina
* panqueques
* avena
* huevo (aún tenemos una pequeña lucha para que lo coman en especial Sofia)
* tocineta
* pan con mantequilla

Almuerzo o Cena:

* arroz, carne y habichuelas (generalmente es algo que haya quedado del día anterior).
* hot dogs
* nuggets
* papas fritas
* lasagna

* arroz con cebolla
* arroz con habichuelas
* arroz con gandules
* carnes (pollo, churrasco, pavo, cerdo, costillas)
* papa majada (sola o con brocoli- Paola)
* pizza
* tostones
* tacos
* burritos
* pescado (no es frecuente)
(puede haber más cosas pero de repente no las recuerdo)


* jugos de frutas
* galletas de avena
* bizcochitos (variedad)
* donas
* yogurt
* puré de manzana
* guineo
* manzana

* helado
* pop corn

* Hasta el momento no son muy amantes ni de los vegetales ni de las frutas pero, nos encontramos batallando con el asunto.

Sería bueno si alguna de ustedes quisiera escribir en sus blogs lo que comen sus niños de manera que se pueda adquirir otras ideas o sugerencias.



* They always start their day drinking milk.
* lfarina
* pancakes
* oatmeal
* egg (we still have a small fight so that they eat it especially Sofia)
* bacon
* bread with butter

Lunch or Supper:

* Rice, meat and beans (generally is someting that have remained of the previous day).
* hot dogs
* nuggets
* fried potatoes
* lasagna
* rice with onion
* rice with beans
* rice with lazybones
* meats (chicken, meat, turkey, pork, ribs)
* mashed potatoes (alone or with brocoli- Paola)

* pizza
* plantain
* tacos
* burritos
* fish (not frequent)
(there are more things but I do not remember right now)


* fruits juices
* oat crackers
* biscuits (variety)
* doughnuts
* yogurt
* apple sauce
* bananas
* apples

* ice cream
* pop corn

Notes: * Up to now they do not love vegetables nor some kind of fruits but, we are battling with the situation.

It would be good if some of you want to write in your blogs about what your children eat so we all can get other ideas or suggestions.



Malena said...

Did you see my list? :)

Malena said...

Wanted to comment on one more thing that I thought of when I was trying to go to sleep last night...your kids a lot of beans that is so great!!! Super source of protein! Good job mama!

girlytwins said...

My girls are strangely really good eaters. They LOVE veggies and fruit. We have always made them try everything and then decide if they like it, thankfully that has worked for us. I know most kids need much more of a push in this area. :)