Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Otra Manualidad / Another Craft

Varias cosas:

1. Recién me dí cuenta que ya tengo 507 entradas en mi blog, al parecer me gusta escribir,jaja.

2. Gracias a las amigas que se unieron a la Gira de las Decoraciones de Navidad, todo está hermoso. Aún pueden añadir su blog y permitirnos disfrutar de las decoraciones que han realizado. Pueden entrar al mensaje AQUI.

3. Hoy las niñas realizaron una manualidad sobre el Nacimiento del Niño Jesús. Ellas estaban fascinadas con el trabajo que hicieron y verdaderamente les quedó muy bien para solo tener 3 años.

4. Mi regalo de Navidad # 8 es: Sinceridad

Feliz Martes


Several things:

1. I have found out that I already have 507 posts in my blog, apparently I like to write, haha.

2. Thanks to the friends that joined me on the Tour of the Christmas Decorations, they are all beautiful. You can still add your blog and let us enjoy the decorations you have at your home. Join us HERE.

3. Today the girls made a handicraft on the Birth of the Baby Jesus. They were fascinated with the work that they did and it truly end up looking well for 3 years olds.

4. My gift of Christmas # 8 is: Sincerity

Happy Tuesday



CGBG said...

I like the new background! 507 Posts!!! That's a lot, congrats!

monica said...

The girls did good making the manger scenes! Wow good doing over 500 posts - it's an easy thing to do!

BoufMom9 said...

LOVING their crafts! They are just adorable!

Jeremi said...

I am really impressed with your girls' cutting skills! Good idea for a project too, we may have to do that over here.

I have a post ready for our Christmas decorations, but I'm waiting to get a picture from my mom to add. I may do a different post today and the decorations one tomorrow, if that's not too late to link up to your site?

When we decorated the tree I had to take a phone call in the kitchen -- I was out of the room for maybe 5 minutes and when I came back Ella and Zoe had put almost all of the ornaments on the bottom 6 inches of the tree : ) It was really sweet. I took pictures but somehow they didn't save on my computer. But I had emailed my mom those photos so I'm waiting to get them back from her. I want to add those to the post.

Whew, that was long : )
Have a great day Annie!

Raising Z said...

Those are great! I am going to have to try that with Z :) I never got to take the pictures last night. The baby cried for most of the evening!!! I will try again tonight. I tagged you on my post today.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How cute & creative! I have linked up your Christmas crafts today to share with others.

Krystyn said...

What an awesome project. Your girls are good. I don't think Izzy can cut out shapes like that. She turned 3 in October, what about your girls? I'm really impressed.

Jeremi said...

Annie -- I did it!! I finally got my decorations post up : ) Whoo-hoo! Now if I can figure out the link . . .

Mighty M said...

The girls do good work! :)

Malena said...

They're getting so good with the scissors! Cute craft!
Do the girls leave your decorations alone or do they play with them?