Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Enfermos Otra Vez / Sick Again

Desde el pasado jueves, todos en la casa estamos nuevamente con catarro. Pero, por supuesto que la peor parte siempre la llevan las niñas, especialmente Paola. Lo único bueno es que hasta ahora (toco madera) esta comiendo.

Luego de varios dias enfermos (a pesar de que no lo parece en la foto con Santa Claus) y para variar un poco decidimos salir a comer y luego comimos helado. Allí Paola se cayó y se dió un golpe en su cara. La nariz está roja, se cortó la encía con los dientes y la parte de arriba del labio está hinchada. Lo único ventajoso de eso fue que al parecer el golpe le quitó el gotereo nasal que tenía,ja.

En otros temas, quiero agradecerle a Missy Two Little Monkeys por regalo tan bonito que le envío a las niñas. Missy, las nenas están super contentas con el adorno del árbol e inmediatamente lo colocaron en el. La postal de Navidad esta preciosa, gracias. Eres una amiga increíble y muy especial.

Feliz Martes


Since last Thursday, we are all with the cold, again . And the worst part is always when the girls are sick, especially Paola. The only good thing is that up to now she is still eating well.

After various sick days (in spite of the fact that it does not seem like that in the photo with Santa Claus) we decide to leave home to eat and ice cream. There Paola fell and hit her face. Her nose is red, cut her gums with her teeth and her upper lip got swollen. The only positive thing of that was that apparently the blow removed her nasal congestion, ha.

In other themes, I want to thank Missy from Two Little Monkeys for her pretty gift that she sent for the girls. "Missy, the girls are very happy with the tree decorations and immediately placed them on the tree. The Christmas postcard was precious, thanks. You are a very special and incredible friend.

Happy Tuesday


The girls CLUB, that's their latest fun thing

Missy's Christmas gift to the girls, thank you.

Helping Mommy, sorting laundry.

Here is my baby with her swollen mouth


My Christmas gift # 15 is: Strenght


monica said...

Those bulbs are beautiful! Aww the ochy looks like it hurt and too bad for them being sick. I hope they feel better before Christmas!

CGBG said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

Steph said...

Hope that everyone is feeling better soon! Hang in there my friend!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I am catching up on leaving comments after being on vacation...
I love that your girls were so excited about their ornaments! That puts a smile on my face!
My girls are sick too - UGH! Wishing your girls a quick recovery. It is no fun when you have sick girls.
Thank you for your kind words!!! You are a great friend too!

Malena said...

Oh no, sick?! Hopefully you'll be all recovered next week! That's what I am hoping for, a healthy Christmas week with my family. Last year we were sick as dogs!
Sorry Paola got hurt. She's lucky she didn't hurt her teeth! Hope her lip is better now.

NewsPhotoGirl said...

Oh no! Poor Paola. I love the little clubhouse they put together.

girlytwins said...

Sorry you guys are sick. That is never fun. We passed our sickness around fr weeks :( but we are finally sick-free. I hope you get better soon.

My girls love to build forts/clubs too. They provide lots of entertainment in our house :)

Mighty M said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Jeremi said...

Oh poor little thing!!
So sorry to hear you have the sickie -- hopefully everyone will be healthy for Christmas : )

The 'Girls Club' looks great too!

Bethany said...

Such sweet girls you have! I love the "tent" they built! What fun!

Rebecca said...

I loved making forts when I was little. Such a cozy feeling. I love the x mas bulbs so cute

Caro said...

Super cute blog. Love the fact that you write in Spanish it will make me practice mine :) Hasta Luego

Krystyn said...

I love the ornaments. And, the little clubhouse they built. I hope everybody is better now.