Thursday, December 17, 2009

Agenda de Navidad / Christmas Agenda

Tareas de esta semana eran:

1. Planifica la cena de Nochebuena y Navidad. De ser posible realiza la compra de los alimentos necesarios para ambos días. - La compra está hecha pero aún no sabemos si saldremos en Nochebuena. Por lo menos Navidad queremos pasarlo en nuestro hogar.

2. Termina las compras (de ropa y regalos) y empaca los regalos (no querrás pasar la Nochebuena empacando regalos mientras otros se divierten).- Lamentablemente, las cosas pendientes para comprar tendrán que esperar al fin de semana, aún estamos mejorando.

3. Procura mantener todo limpio y organizado (esto es requisito). No olvides que en esta época hay personas que se distinguen por visitar sin antes avisar. - Listo

4. Finaliza los detalles para la Nochebuena y Navidad. - Casi listo

Las tareas para la próxima semana:

1. Mantener la casa limpia y organizada.

2. Hornea galletas, bizcochos o cualquier otro postre.

3. Visita el salón de belleza para arreglar tu cabello y hacer ese cambio que quieres.

4. Mímate haciéndote un facial, una pedicura, manicura, en fin disfruta de estos días sin tensiones ya que hemos trabajado muy duro en el último mes y medio.

Disfruta de las fiestas sin tensiones.


Tasks for this week:

1. Plan dinner for Christmas Eve and Christmas. If it's possible buy the necessary food for both days. - Not sure what we are going to do but my grocery shopping is done.

2.Finish purchasing (clothes and gifts) and wrap the gifts (you will not want to spend Christmas Eve packing gifts while other are partying).- We need to do some last minute shopping this weekend because we were sick.

3. Try to maintain all clean and organized (this is a requirement). Do not forget that in this season there are people that visits without notice. - Done

4. Finish the details for Christmas Eve and Christmas. - Almost done

Next week tasks:

1. Maintaining the house clean and organized.

2. Bake cookies, biscuits, muffins or any another dessert.

3. Visits the beauty salon to fix your hair and to make that change that you want.

4. Spend time on yourself without spending money: a facial, a pedicure, manicure, in short enjoy these days without stress since we have worked very hard in the last month and a half.

Enjoy the holidays without tensions.



My Christmas gift # 17 is: Organization


Mighty M said...

Good luck Annie! I have to get my shopping list down too - I am having 14 over for an early Christmas dinner on Sunday!!

Malena said...

I am cheating! I keep looking at your agenda to keep ME on track ;)
Luckily I finished all the gift shopping back in Niv. but my husband wanted to get everyone something too, so he's out tonight. I do not like shopping in the store during the holidays, I do all gifts online :)

And, my grocery list is getting shorter and shorter too. I think I'll get the last food items on Sunday to avoid having to go out during "Christmas week".

I just hope we're healthy... I feel sinus pressure, and the kids have some runny noses...ugh!

Lots of hugs!

monica said...

I have my shopping done as of yesterday. Just need to do more wrapping.