Friday, December 26, 2008

Noche Buena / Christmas Eve

La Noche Buena la pasamos en nuestra casa en familia. Pablo y yo estuvimos sacando muchas fotos de Sofia y Paola ese día. Ellas disfrutaron la noche y permanecieron despiertas hasta casi las 12:40 de la medianoche. Simplemente ellas no querían desperdiciar ni un minuto de diversión, todos los días ellas se acuestan temprano así que ese día recibieron un bono para acostarse tarde. Les dejo algunas fotos de esa noche.


We decided to stay at home on Christmas Eve with our family. Pablo and I took many photos of Sofia and Paola that day. They were having so much fun that they remained awake past midnight. Simply they did not want to waste a minute of fun, every night they go to bed early so that night they received bonus time to go to bed late. Here are some photos of that night.


Daddy and Mommy with Sofia.

Mommy and Daddy with Paola.
Pablo and I.
There's no room for both of us!!!!
Yes, Santa we have been good girls this year. Don't believe what mom and dad had told you; we do sleep all night.
Yeah, I'm going to sleep. Santa is coming.
I don't want to sleep, please. I want to see Santa.


Casey's trio said...

Isn't it so much fun to see the excitement of Christmas through the kid's eyes? Hope they slept in for you the nest morning!!

BT.. twins said...

ohh wow
nice photos ..

its First visit ..and we happy to that ..

thanks alot and ..

...:::: Marry Christmas ::::.....