Sunday, August 7, 2011

Solo Detalles / Just Some Details

Si Dios lo permite mañana será el gran día para mis niñas, su primer día de clases en Kindergarten. Ellas están sumamente emocionadas y felices por su nueva escuela y claro está, por sus cosas de Tinkerbell. Juntos hemos preparado y organizado cada uno de los detalles para ese primer día. Hemos dialogado sobre los cambios y las diferente cosas que irán ocurriendo pero, gracias a Dios ellas están felices. Tengo fé en que todo saldrá bien aunque obviamente, para mí es un momento difícil debido a los cambios pero, también estoy sumamente orgullosa de ellas y le agradezco a Dios por el privilegio de ser madre y poder disfrutar todas estas experiencias.

Sofi y Pao, les deseo lo mejor de el mundo. Muchas bendiciones y un año académico lleno de grandes experiencias, retos y momentos felices. Mami y Papi las amamos mucho!!!!!!

Annie y Pablo

If it's God's will tomorrow will be a great day for my girls, it will be their first first day of Kindergarten. They are extremely excited and happy by this new school and of course because the Tinkerbell theme we used for their school supplies. Together we have prepared and organized each one of the details for that first day. We are a bit worried about the changes and the different things that will be happening but, thanks to God they are happy. I have faith that everything will turn out well although obviously, it is a difficult moment due to the changes but, also I am extremely proud of them and I thank God for the privilege of being a mother and to be able to enjoy all these experiences.

Sofi and Pao, we wish you the best of the world. Many blessings and an academic year full of great experiences, challenges and happy moments. Mommy and daddy love you a lot! !!!!!

Annie & Pablo


Karen said...

So exciting! That will be me in a few short weeks!

Caro said...

It's a big step for them, but it's only the beginning of their lives. Hang on tight mommy, wait till they get married lol

The Smiths said...

Good luck to your girls! hope they have a great 1st day!

Malena said...

Hey Annie - the comment from Kurt was from me, I didn't realize he was logged on. Can you delete it please! Thanks!

Can't wait to hear about the 1st day! Hope you all sleep well tonight! xo

Miss Rose said...

I can't wait to read about how it went, I am sure it went well. What a big day!!!