Monday, August 8, 2011

Primer Día: Kinder / Kindergarten: First Day

All their stuff for school

Oh, my babies (well, they are not babies anymore)

Before we left

They look so big. God bless them!!!!

Check their uniforms. They look so cute!!!!

Mommy and the girls

Daddy and his girls


(is more bigger but we just took the picture of one side)

First picture at school


Balloons with their names (pink and yellow)

Front yard

With their teacher (yellow shirt)

Again at their classroom

They had a wonderful day. And no cried.


Mighty M said...

Love the pictures - glad the day was a smashing success!!

Steph said...

Congrats to you all on a great first day of school! They are so cute as always.

Jeremi said...

yay for a great first day of kindergarten!! the girls look so sweet in their uniforms (and yes, grown-up too -- sigh). it must feel good to start being settled with the new year .... and how nice you could co-teach for the first week too. my fingers and toes are crossed for you annie, that you find a teaching spot soon : )