Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6:30 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Si ustedes leyeron acerca de nuestro itinerario después de comenzadas las clases (bueno lo dudo por que en realidad ni comentarios hay) pues se habrán dado cuenta que nuestro día comienza a las 5:00 de la mañana. Pues bien, nuestro lunes comenzó a las 6:30 a.m. obviamente, lo ocurrió fue un corre y corre horrible ya que las niñas entran a las 7:30. Lo único positivo era que la ropa estaba planchada para todos (siempre hago esto los sábados) así que era cuestión de bañarnos y vestirnos. La pero parte fue que ninguno pudo desayunar. Las niñas solo tomaron leche pero, llevaron su lonchera cargada de cosas nutritivas.

También fue a una entrevista de trabajo pero, no obtuve el puesto ya que era para dar química y física en inglés. O sea, al idioma inglés no le tengo miedo pero, química y física, lo lamento nada que ver con eso. Y después a estudiantes desde séptimo al duodécimo grado, sencillamente no, yo soy maestra de nivel elemental. Bueno, ya aparecerá algo para mí.


PS: Necesito ideas sobre meriendas nutritivas, gracias.

If you read about our itinerary about the school days mornings (well I doubt it because in there are no comments) then you know that our day begins at 5:00 am. This morning (Monday) we started at 6:30 am. Obviously, what happened was a horrible race against time since the girls start at 7:30 am. One positive thing was that the clothes were ironed (I always do this on Saturdays) so it was question of a shower and getting the clothes on. The bad part was that none of us had breakfast. The girls just had milk but, we loaded their lunchboxes with several nutritious things.

Also I went to a job interview but, I did not get the position since it was for a chemistry and physics teacher in English. There's no big problem with the English language but chemistry and physics, I'm sorry not my field. And the worse part is that it was for seventh to twelfth grade students. I am an elementary teacher. Well in the future there's something out therefor me.


PS: I need ideas on nutritious snacks, thanks.


Karen said...

I am dreading those days that we over sleep! Fortunately, we don't have to get up that early, since school doesn't start until 9:00 here!

Mighty M said...

Did you all oversleep that morning? Glad you got it all done even with the late start. My idea of nutritious snacks are fresh fruit or veggies....I love Lara bars but they are kinda spendy. I try to find lower in sugar "bars" that are all natural and mostly full of protein and fiber. :)

The Smiths said...

WOWZERS! and I thought I was cutting it close...We overslept til 7:18 yesterday...school starts at 8am. Good thing we live in walking distance from the school and the school offers breakfast if you get there before 8am.

Good luck on any more interviews. Something will come up soon.

Malena said...

Hahah! I hear you! Right now we're waking up early and easily but once we're in the routine I have a feeling it's going to get harder to get up in the morning, especially around here, it's dark in the fall and winter.

Healthy snacks...pretzels, sun chips, granola bars, fruit and veggies (cut them in fun shapes, add dips on the side), crackers & cheese, popcorn, raisins, cereal like mini wheat bites or Quaker oatmeal squares. :)

You are doing AMAZING!!!! Thanks for your emails, I will answer, I promise! :)

Deanna said...

I hope your girls are loving school! Maybe you will find the right job soon...something will work out, I'm sure of it. : )

Do your girls like apples with peanut butter? That's a favorite in our house right now. Soaking the apples in salt water or lemon juice keeps them from turning brown if you put them in lunchboxes.