Monday, November 29, 2010

Fin de Semana / Our Weekend

Esa semana de Acción de Gracias fue de mucho trabajo, compartir en familia y de compras.

Jueves (Acción de Gracias): Este año no tuve que hacer el pavo ya que me tocó hacer una ensalada de papas. La mañana la pasé en Walgreens con mami aprovechando el 50% de descuento que había en juguetes. Luego, la tarde fue para celebrar junto a mis padres, hermana y sobrinos en la casa de mis padres.

Viernes: Las niñas no tuvieron clases así que pasamos un día muy tranquilo en la casa ellas y yo por que Pablo tenía trabajo. Para mí no hubo compras de Viernes Negro y no me gustan los lugares donde hay mucha gente.

Sábado: Una mañana muy, muy tranquila. Vimos películas, almorzamos con Pablo (cuando llego de trabajar) y luego decoramos nuestro arbolito. En la noche fuimos con mis padres, hermana y sobrinos a ver la película Tangled. A mí me encantó y las nenas quedaron fascinadas.

Domingo: Otro día más pintando. Esperamos poder terminar pronto y así poder mostrarles las fotos del antes y después.

Y tu fin de semana, ¿Cómo fue?


On this thanksgiving week was had a lot of work to do, we had time to be with the family and we did some shopping.

Thursday (thanksgiving) : This year was not mu turn to do the turkey, all I had to do was the potato salad. In the morning I went to Walgreens with my mom to take advantage of the 50% discount on all toys. Then, in the afternoon we went to celebrate the day with my parents, my sister and her kids at my parents house.

Friday: The girls did not have classes so we spent a very tranquil day at home because Pablo had to work. For me there was no Black Friday since I do not like the places where there is many people.

Saturday: Very, very tranquil morning. We saw movies, we had lunch with Pablo (when he arrived from work) and then we decorated our Christmas Tree. In the night we went with my parents, my sister and her kids to see the movie Tangled. We all loved it and the girls were fascinated.

Sunday: Another day of painting. We hope to finish soon and be able to show you the before and after photos.

And your weekend, ¿How was it?



The Smiths said...

Sounds like a relaxing, fabulous Thanksgiving weekend.

I want to take the kids to see Tangled, too. I've heard from you and others and the reviews are great!!

Jeremi said...

hi annie, can't wait to see photos of the painting : )

i'm with you on shopping with crowds, not for me.

was tangled scary at all? ella and zoe still do not like mean characters ..... it looks like a cute movie.

your thanksgiving photos were so fun to see. you just shine in photos annie : )

have a great day!

Mighty M said...

My weekend was busy busy! So much to do and only 23 days to do it! :)

Jill said...

50% off toys would be great! Sounds like had a nice Thanksgiving.