Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ultimas Manualidades de Halloween / Last Crafts of Halloween

Last Halloween crafts now is time to start with Thanksgiving!

PS: I'm going to do again the Black Tuesday Giveaway on November 23. Who wants to participate?


Tamela said...

I love the witches! ooo I love giveaways too!

Jeremi said...

you always do such fun crafts with your girls, and they do such a nice job with their crafts!

we received your package in the mail -- oh my goodness were zoe and ella excited!!! they LOOOOOOOVE the drawings, and with things that are important to them they slept with them under their pillows! and the puerto rican candy is such a neat treat and yummy too. i love the sesame stuff and tom loves the coconut -- the girls love it all : ) thank you annie, and tell paola and sofia thank you too. once things calm down here we'll get something in the mail for your girls (it's been really busy the past week and still is ....).

have a great day!

girlytwins said...

Super cute decorations Annie :)

Heather said...

Such creative ideas!