Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Calendario de Adviento / Advent Calendar

Hoy comienza la cuenta regresiva hacia la Navidad así que haré algo diferente. El año pasado escribí mis 25 regalos de Navidad pero, este año haré el calendario de adviento. Las niñas están más grandes y será un "poco" más fácil. Mi calendario no tendrá cosas difíciles de realizar ya que en su mayoría las niñas participarán diariamente en el. Estoy sumamente ansiosa de ver las diferentes tareas que realizaremos.

A propósito, recuerdan que el año pasado quise hacer galletas y se me quemaron (no se rían) pues quiero decirles que este año pienso intentarlo nuevamente así que si tienen una receta FACIL (recuerden que soy principiante y no quiero quemar la cocina) les agradeceré que me la hagan llegar. Soy perseverante y sé que al final lograré hacer junto a mis ayudantes unas galletitas deliciosas,jaja.

Y ustedes, ¿qué planes tienen para este mes de diciembre?


Today the countdown to Christmas day begins so I will do something different. Last year I wrote about my 25 gifts of Christmas but, this year I will do the calendar of advent. The girls are older and it will be a "little" easier. My calendar will not have difficult things to do since mostly the girls will be participating daily. I am extremely anxious to see the different tasks that we will carry out.

By the way, do you remember that last year I wanted to do cookies and I burned them (please do not laugh) let me tell you that this year I think I will try it again. If any of you have an easy to do recipe (remember that I am new at this and I do not want to burn the kitchen) I will thank you if you let me have it. I am persistent and I know that in the end I will manage to do (with the help of my assistants) some delicious cookies, ha ha.

And you, ¿what plans do you have for the month of December?



Caro said...

I burn almost everything except fudge, so I cant really help you.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Great idea! I can not wait to read your upcoming posts!

Raising Z said...

Happy Advent :) You are so cute! I will email you my recipe for is not too bad and you won't burn them as long as you set your timer ;)

Jeremi said...

i only buy mixes annie - -but i add my secret ingrediant (extra vanilla) to everything i bake --- good luck : )

your advent daily activities sounds like a great idea! i just bought two little felt advent calendars for the girls this year -- mid-month we'll cut and glue paper chains to show how many days until christmas .... and our elf on the shelf should be making an appearance soon : )

will be a fun and full month, for sure!

Mighty M said...

Enjoy the advent! We have lots of plans this month, but none of them involve baking yet. I should probably think about making some cookies too. Good luck to you this year!! :)

Christina said...

I'm really behind on post, but this looks fun! Hope you all are enjoying it!