Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Favorites for November

Ready for start painting the house (maybe this weekend)



pumpkin pie, love it!!!!!!!!!!

Organization!!!! (nope, is not my closet)

Have a blessing day


Mommying On The Fly said...

OH MAN.. it's only 7 am and I'm drooling over that turkey and pumpkin pie.. bwahahahaha

Tamela said...

Man, I need to reorganize my closet too, badly. Maybe once your done with yours, you can do mine too!!!

Have a great weekend!

Jeremi said...

what are you painting? FUN!
we're looking at new drapes for our dining area ..... and will eventually paint our bathroom.

have a super weekend annie!

Malena said...

I looooove pumpkin pie too! Maybe I need to make one today :)

Good luck painting the house - I hate the process but love a freshly painted room. Can't wait to see pics!