Friday, September 17, 2010

Trabajo Difícil / Hard Work

Sí en estos momentos alguien me pregunta cuál es el trabajo más difícil que has realizado en tu vida, le contestaría que es ser madre. Mis hijas son mi mayor orgullo y felicidad, cada día que pasa le agradezco a Dios por tan hermoso regalo. Pero, saben se le olvido un pequeño detalle el "Manual de Instrucciones".

Es difícil cuando son pequeños adivinar (sí por que eso es lo que hacemos) que les duele o les molesta pero, según van pasando los años las cosas son más difíciles. Hay que aprender a tener paciencia y tolerancia en muchas ocasiones tragar muy hondo. Disciplinar no es fácil ..... ciertamente no lo es. Lidiar con rabietas, conductas imitadas de niños que obviamente no son un buen ejemplo, no es fácil pero, como hacer las cosas sin perder la paciencia.

Ultimamente no sé como lidiar con "los trastornos de conducta" y mis niveles de tolerancia y paciencia son puestos a prueba más de cien veces al día. Hablar y decir por favor, no hagas esto o deja eso que te puedes lastimar, son palabras incomprendibles. Por otro lado tampoco yo quiero que mis hijas se sientan intimidadas conmigo, no es lo que yo espero, o será que en vez de los terribles 2 me acerco a los terribles 4 (generalmente y no es una predisposición pero cuando nos acercamos a un cambio de edad esto ocurre). No, no es fácil ser madre pero aún así mis hijas son mi adoración.

Y aún me pregunto ¿Por qué no enviaron el Manual de Instrucciones?


If in these moments someone asks me which is the most difficult work than I have carried out in my life, the answer would be being a mother. My daughters are my greater pride and happiness, each day that passes I thank to God for this so beautiful gift. But he forgot a small detail, the "instructions manual".

It is difficult when they are small to guess (yes because that is what we do) what hurts them or bothers them but, as the years go by things are more difficult. We must learn to be patient and be tolerant, in many occasions swallow very deep. Disciplining is not easy .... certainly it is not. Fighting with tantrums, imitated conducts of children that obviously are not a good example, is not easy but, how to do things without getting angry.

Lately I do not know how to fight with "the inconveniences of conduct" and my levels of tolerance and patience are put to the test more than a hundred times a day. Talking to them to say please, do not do this or stop doing that before you get hurt, are not understandable words for them. On the other hand I do not want my daughters to be affraid of me, is not what I expect, or it is that instead of the terrible 2 I approach the terrible 4 (generally and is not a predisposition but when we approach a change of age this occurs). No, is not easy to be mother but even so my daughters are my adoration.

I still ask myself ¿Why there is no instructions manual?



Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I know God forgot to give us one, didn't he? : )
I simply survive with help from PJ, advice from my mom or friends who are moms, the Lord and going with what I feel is right. As I ponder what this baby will be and how it will act, I pray that it is a good baby like Abby & Emma were.

Jeremi said...

oh annie i understand so much what you're writing about! i learned so much as a teacher, but NOTHING prepares you for being a mommy!! i am constantly second-guessing myself with my girls, and i get so frustrated at times, and then feel so bad. it is hard!! but like you said, so rewarding too : ) i am finding as my girls get closer to 4 1/2 it's getting easier ....... take care and have a super friday!

p.s i got the shirt yesterday --- another LOVE IT!!!!! the girls do too : ) thank you so much for the work and getting it here on time! now really, how much more do i owe you for the shipping cost?

Mighty M said...

I am right there with you - almost every day is a challenging one....I just tell myself that they ARE learning even if they do not appear to be listening to me. And I hope it's going to GET BETTER. Eventually. :)

NewsPhotoGirl said...

So true. Every word you wrote. Why oh why don't they come with an instruction manual!

Deanna said...

You are SO right! An instruction manual would make so many things easier!

Jen said...

It is difficult, but rewarding. Hang in there.

Sarah said...

Wouldn't it be nice if they did come with a manual? Or at least a recording that we could play every so often so we wouldn't have to keep repeating "no", "say please", etc? ;)

Jill said...

Oh boy, mine are only 2...are you telling me things don't get better??

girlytwins said...

Oh goodness Annie, I ask myself that question all the time. My girls test me hourly. There is a lot of prayer in our house as to how to better work with our girls during their transitions. As much as I adore being a mom it is by far the hardest job I have ever had but the most rewarding.