Sunday, September 19, 2010

El Fin de Semana / Weekend

Este fin de semana fue bastante tranquilo. Menos mal que fue así por que el jueves invertimos casi $400 en arreglar nuestra guagua. Así que veamos que ocurrió:

* Viernes: Pablo tuvo que irse al trabajo con un amigo por que no teníamos guagua y mi mamá tuvo que buscarme con las niñas para poder llevarlas a la escuela (ellas se reusaron a ausentarse y me pidieron que les dijera los números del teléfono de mi mamá para llamarla y asegurarse de que ella las llevaría a la escuela, ojalá que no cambien). Ya en la tarde la guagua estaba arreglada.
*Sábado: Pablo trabajo todo el día así que nosotras estuvimos solas en la casa. Llovió casi hasta la una de la tarde y para colmo no teníamos agua así que las cosas que tenía pendientes para hacer pasaron a domingo.

*Domingo: La mañana fue bastante tranquila. Ahora en la tarde trabajamos como todo un buen equipo en la casa. Luego, más tranquilidad para todos.

Ese fue mi fin de semana, ahora les toca a ustedes decirme que tal estuvo el suyo.


This weekend was quite tranquil. Thank God because Thursday we invest almost $400 in fixing our minivan. So let's see what happened:

* Friday: Pablo had to be go to work with a friend because we did not have the van and my mom had to pick me with the girls to be able to take them to school (they refused to stay at home and asked me my mom's telephone numbers to call her and to make sure that she would take them to school, I hope that they don't change). In the afternoon the van was fixed.

*Saturday: Pablo worked all day so we were alone in the house. It rained until noon and to top there was an interruption of the water service so things I had to do had to be postponed to Sunday.

*Sunday: The morning was quite tranquil. In the afternoon we work together as a good team in the house. Then, more tranquility for all.

That was my weekend, now is your turn to tell me how was yours.



Cheryl Lage said...

Annie I adore how pleased you seem with a restful weekend. You're a wonderful example-setter...think we all could benefit from a smidge more tranquil!

Sue said...

Glad your van got fixed & you had a nice weekend.

We went shopping & to the library & watched some movies on DVD.

Hope you have a great week too♥

Mighty M said...

So glad you had a nice weekend - mine was very tranquil too. Hannah spent the night at Grammy's and it was very quiet around here!! :)

Helene said...

It definitely sounds like you had a peaceful weekend!! My kids fought with one another over the weekend and then complained about how bored they were. I told them that since they were so bored we could use that time to pack up the gazillion toys they have and take them over to the Children's Shelter downtown and that would give them something to do.


Sarah said...

Glad to hear the girls love school so much that they didn't want to miss a day! Yay for a quiet weekend - that's how ours was too. Rained alot, however, so I was unable to decorate for fall outside.

girlytwins said...

I wish mine was as tranquil as yours :) We had tons of housework Saturday and friends over to watch football Sunday, no rest at all LOL