Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fase Escolar / School Phase

Algunas cosas que me encantan de esta nueva faceta en nuestra vida "escolar" son:

1. Hasta ahora las niñas disfrutan mucho de su tiempo en la escuela.

2. Diariamente están en contacto con otras personas lo cual las ayuda en su desarrollo social.

3. Nos fascina realizar las tareas escolares aunque a veces es un poco estresante por que ellas no están de ánimo.

4. La rutina diaria es totalmente diferente y estamos en constante movimiento lo cual hace que ellas terminen agotadas y queden rendidas en la noche.

5. Diariamente tengo la oportunidad de socializar con otras mamás que asisten a la escuela.

6. Todos los días Pablo y yo almorzamos juntos (yo llevo el almuerzo) y podemos conversar sin interrupciones, grandioso jaja.

7. Pablo asiste conmigo a la escuela para llevar las niñas (todo ocurre en su hora de almuerzo) y definitivamente esos minutos en familia son muy valiosos para nosotros.

8. Comparto con mi mamá todos los días.

Obviamente, son más las cosas que me agradan así que tan pronto las recuerde las anotaré.


Some things that I love of this new school phase are:

1. Up to now the girls enjoy a lot of their time at school.

2. Every day they are in contact with other people which helps for their social development.

3. I love school helping them with homework although at times is a little stressful because they are not always on the mood of doing them.

4. The daily routine is completely different and we are in constant movement which gets them exhausted and they go to bed very tired and sleepy.

5. Every day I have the opportunity to socialize with other moms that attend the school.

6. Every day Pablo and I have lunch together (I bring lunch from home) and we can talk without interruptions, magnificent jaja.

7. Pablo goes with me to school to leave thegirls (all happens in his lunch hour) and finally those minutes in family are very valuable for us.

8. I hang out with my mom every day.

Obviously, they are more things that please me so when I remember them I will write about it.


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Jeremi said...

it IS a really fun stage, for many reasons! i'm glad things are going well for the girls and that you all are benefitting from the new routine!

have a great day : )

Malena said...

Wonderful list. Annie, one of the things I really admire about you, is that you treasure the moments. You're a special mommy!

Deanna said...

Great list, Annie! School is wearing my girls out too... they are exhausted by 6:00 every night and do good to stay awake until 7:00!

That's great that you get to have lunch with your husband every day. Uninterrupted time together is hard to find!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I feel the same way - I miss my girls but oh, they are learning so much at school + making friends.

Christina said...

I'm glad to hear its working out for you all! :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great list!!! =)

Danae said...

Wow, lunch with your hubby every day? I am so jealous!