Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mi Computadora Murió / My Computer Died

El domingo mientras leía mis blogs mi computadora se trancó. Desde ese momento parece que se fue a una mejor vida (para ella) y una peor para mí. Sí la peor parte me la llevo yo por que allí están todas las fotos de las nenas desde que tenían cuatro meses (esa es la desventaja de las cámaras dígitales, simplemente las bajas en la computadora y te olvidas) y cuando pasan estas cosas dices: por que no imprimí las fotos.

Sí alguien puede ayudarme y decirme que puedo hacer, aparentemente cogió un virus y se trancó. Muchas de ustedes son expertas en las computadoras así que por favor, les solicito su ayuda. También quiero pedirle pues su consideración ya que trataré de visitar los blogs todos los días, es un poco difícil puesto que la computadora que estoy usando es la de mi querido esposito y no me gusta abusar (aunque si por mí fuera lo dejaba sin ninguna,jajaja, es mentira).


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Sunday while I was reading my blogs my computer crashed. Since that moment seems that it went to live a better life and a worse one for me. Yes the worst part I because there are all the photos of my girls since they were four months (that is the disadvantage of digital cameras, you simply download them in the computer and forget them there) and when things like this happens you say: why I did not printed the photos.

If someone can help me and to tell me what I can do, apparently it caught a virus and crashed. Many of you are experts in computers so please, I request for your aid. Also I want to ask for some consideration since I will try to visit the blogs every day, it is a little difficult since the computer that I am using is of my darling husband and i do not like to abuse (although I should let him without it, hahaha, is a lie, I would't do that).

Please take care


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CGBG said...

Sometimes computers are awful! I hope you can recover all your stuff wish I knew how to help you with that! As far as the pictures go every month I back-up my pictures on a CD, I'm so terrified of losing them. It's pretty cheap too and you don't have to rush to get them printed!

If you have a PC there's a good chance you'll be able to recover the pictures! Good luck!

Jayme said...

I had the SAME thing happen not long before my husband deployed- a friend found a recovery program and was able to save most of my pics :)

Good luck!!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

OH NO! It is the worst! I am totally computer dumb so I definitely am not the girl to help retrieve the photos.
But once you get them or with your new photos - try storing them at shutterfly.com. It is free and all you do is upload them there and they will always be there. And if you want to order prints - you can from there too. I love shutterfly!
Best of luck! Hang in there!

Jeremi said...

Oh no, Annie!! What a bummer!

I don't know enough about computers to give any advice. We have Macs and a Mac store just a few miles away, so they answer all my questions.

I did spill coffee on my laptop keyboard TWICE (very bad, I know), which caused the computer to stop working. The great people at the Apple Store were able to retrieve all of my photos, but I have no idea how. We now have an external back-up drive so we don't have to worry.

Good luck with it!

And I did get your email -- just let me know how things are going, we can always do it for Christmas.

Take care!!

Malena said...

I hate when that happens. I've had two computers die on me - both times my husband took them to a computer place and they rescued my hard drive or at least my files. Bring it to a place like that! Good luck!!!

marialex said...

hola anni bueno si solo se tranco es un virus asi aun no diags q murio ok as algo pasale el karpesky antivirus bajatelo por 30 dias y usalo ese elimina la gran cantida de virus si por lo menos te deja abrir una pg lo puedes usar en linea sin tener q instalarlo al pc alguna cosa me envias un correo con mas detalles y le digo a mi esposito que te ayude peroa mi me apso asi y fue un virus y no perdi nada joy me salvo mis fotos

Steph said...

Oh no Annie! I'm so sorry to hear about your computer. I hope you are able to get the pictures back soon. Yes, please add me to your blogroll!

The Smiths said...

Oh! I am so sorry, Annie. I don't know how to retrieve pictures once the computer has crashed. But one good thing is that you should be able to take the pictures off your blog by saving them to your hubby's computer and then burning them to a disk. I hope this helps.

My SIL's computer crashed..and I have been burning all my pictures to cds in case the same thing were to happen to me.

Thinking of you during this time.

Lani said...

oh no:( Sorry to hear that about your computer.. I am not a computer expert- but if you can turn it on, sometimes you can do a "system restore" which sometimes solves the problem. If not, call your computer company, they can at least steer you in the right direction!

Twincerely,Olga said...

Oh no Annie!! I don't know what to do I just hope you can retreive all of your pictures!!!Hugs!

monica said...

Computers are awful for that. I hope you recover your pictures and someone has some advice for you!

Malena said...

Missing reading your blog posts! Hope you guys are okay!

Chelsea said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you lost all of your photos. That is heartbreaking! I hope that you find a way to get them back! Best wishes, Chelsea