Friday, October 16, 2009

Letras B y C / Letters B and C

Durante las últimas semanas hemos trabajado con las letras B y C. Como maestra sé que lo mejor es comenzar por lo más sencillo para facilitar el aprendizaje (entiéndase comenzar con las cinco vocales) pero, la competencia con Barney es demasiado fuerte. Y resulta que ellas se han memorizado el abecedario (digo memorizar por que no es lo mismo que un niño cante el ABC a que reconozca cada letra y su sonido). Lo importante aquí es estar sumamente segura que cada niña reconozca cada letra en cualquier lugar.

Estas son algunas de las actividades que hemos realizado con las letras B y C. Todos los viernes serán dedicados a las actividades escolares que realicemos durante la semana, así que pendientes.

Feliz Fin de Semana


PS: Cada padre determina qué método utilizar para enseñar a sus hijos, aquí yo comparto el que yo utilizo que no necesariamente signifique que otros estén de acuerdo.

During the last weeks we have worked with the letters B and C. As a teacher I know that the best way is to begin with the most simple to facilitate the learning (to begin with the five vowels) but, competing with Barney is too strong. And it so happens that they have memorized the alphabet (I say memorize because is not the same thing that a child sings the ABC that to recognize each letter and its sound). What is important here is to be extremely sure that each girl recognize each letter in any place.

These are some of the activities that we have done with the letters B and C. Every Friday I will dedicate the posts to the school activities that we carry out during the week, so stay tuned.

Happy Weekend

Affections Annie

PS: Each parent determines which method to utilize to teach their children, here I share the one that I use that does not necessarily means that other might agree with.

Letter B

There is a boat and other things with B

Letter C

C is for conejo (rabbit), casa (house), corazón (heart) and confetti

More activities with A (just something for reviewing so they won't forget the letter)


monica said...

I love doing artwork like that with the boys. They learn a letter of the week every week at school. They also do projects just like what you are doing! Those are some great ideas!!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Annie, what a great learning post! You are such a great mom! Very creative and cute which makes learning fun!

Malena said...

Awesome! Your girls are so lucky to have a stay at home mommy/teacher! They will start school with a clear advantage, already knowing so much! I look forward to seeing each Friday post and "stealing" ideas! :)

Have a great weekend!

Ladybug Mama of 2 said...

Those are some great ideas for working with the girls on their letters. Thanks so much for sharing them. Thanks for commenting on my post. It makes it all easier to go through when you know there are people out there who really care.

Steph said...

What a great idea! They did a great job!

Krystyn said...

What fun activities.

And, I'm so glad you reminded me of the words in spanish..because I was all "why does she have a C on a rabbit?" Clearly, my Spanish is slipping.

Raising Z said...

What great activities :) They came out so cute. I too am a teacher and realized that you can't always follow all of the rules when it comes to our kids learning...they want to learn what they want when they want to ;) Z learned all of his letter sounds from the Leap Frog Letter Factory Movie. He loves it and now walks around singing the letter sounds 24 hours a day!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

Mighty M said...

Yo gusto los corazons! Did I say that right? :-) It's been a long time since my high school spanish class!! :-)

Jeremi said...

Fun ideas Annie : )
I love reading your words in Spanish : )

Sharon said...

Looks like your kiddos are learning a lot! We're strongly considering HomeSchooling, and it's neat to learn how it's done (and kudos to you for posting in TWO languages!)

Heather said...

Really great post, Annie. Good idea. I think Charlotte and I might try this later.

Sorry I have been absent. It has been a rough week with my father being so sick.