Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Computadora dañada, programas de tv y otras cosas / Broken computer, tv shows and other things

Hoy llevamos la computadora al técnico así que entre mañana y el jueves podremos saber qué ocurrió exactamente y sí las fotos son recuperadas así que a cruzar los dedos para que todo salga bien y no nos cobre mucho dinero por el trabajo,jajaja.

Quería comentarles que no sé sí a ustedes les ha pasado que se vuelven fanáticas de un programa que ni siquiera les llamaba la atención solo porque un día se sentaron a verlo con su esposo. Pues a mí sí me sucedió, todos los lunes me siento a ver la lucha libre con él. Y dejénme decirles que no he cambiado mi mentalidad de que es un deporte bruto y salvaje, pero, hay unos luchadores tan divinos que te hacen olvidar esos pensamientos,jajaja. Yo le digo a Pablo que yo veo las luchas por ver a John Cena, que guapote. Ahora les toca a ustedes decirme que programa ven con sus esposos que antes no les llamaba la atención.

Mis planes para el resto de la semana son: finalizar la limpieza del cuarto de las nenas y terminar de empacar las cosas que son para regalar a otras personas (esa es la ventaja de estas limpiezas). También ya estoy haciendo los espacios necesarios para cuando necesite almacenar cosas (en el próximo mes). Posiblemente el viernes (sí estamos mejor de salud) tendremos un compartir de Halloween en la casa (nada elaborado y como diriamos aquí será la fiesta del sorullo, cada cual trae lo suyo).

Quiero agradecerles los mensajes que me han dejado, de verdad que aprecio cada uno de ellos y más aún es un momento en el que verdaderamente uno sabe quién es quién. Gracias amigas.

Feliz Miércoles

PS: Pendientes que posiblemente la próxima semana tendremos un "giveaway" de camino a la Navidad.

Today we took my computer to the technician so maybe tomorrow or Thursday we will be able to know what happened and if the photos can be recovered so cross your fingers and let's hope for the best and that we don't have to spend a lot of money, hahaha.

Just for fun, I want to comment about programs that I didn't like but suddenly I am a huge fan of it. For example, every Monday my husband watches WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and it was something that I didn't like but, since three years ago, I'm a big fan of it. Can you believe it. I do not know if this has happened to you that you have become fanatic of a program that it did not even cought your attention because one day you sat down to see it with your husband. Well this happened to me, every Monday I sit down to watch wrestling with him.Let me tell you that I have not changed my mentality that it is a wild and rough sport, but, there are some so divine fighters that makes you forget about those thoughts, hahaha. I tell Pablo that I see the fights to seeJohn Cena, that hunk. Now is your turn to tell me which programs you see with your husbands that never cought your attention before.

My plans for the remainder of the week are: to finalize cleaning the girl's room and to finish packing the things that we will give other people (that is the advantage of these cleaning). Also I am making space for things I need to store (in the next month). Possibly Friday (if I am feeling better) we will have a Halloween reunion in the house (nothing fancy).

I want to thank all for the messages that you have left me, I appreciate each one of you and even more at this moment . Thanks friends.

Happy Wednesday

PS: Stay alert that possibly the next week we will have a "giveaway" on our road to Christmas


Twincerely,Olga said...

HI Annie~
I hope you get some good news about your computer!The pictures!! I watch football with my hubby something I never really enjoyed watching before! He explains it all to me so i understand it better! He now watches lots od girl movies with me!!Have a great week!

The Smiths said...

Fingers crossed that all can be recovered and it not cost y'all alot.

Good luck on the cleaning. I need to do a bit more before the holidays get here and I have stuff everywhere.

Still thinking of you.

Jeremi said...

I've missed your posts Annie -- I hope you get great news from the computer technician tomorrow. Fingers AND toes are crossed!!

Very funny about watching WWW with your hubby and enjoying it now : ) Mine is kind of boring, it's the Sunday Talk News shows. Tom is a news addict and that has rubbed off on me over the years : ) Your show sounds much more entertaining!

Have you been sick? Hope you're feeling better!!

Have a great day!

Heather said...

Good luck getting your computer fixed. My husband vacuumed the keyboard of my laptop and took off the N, comma, and period keys! I was so mad!!

girlytwins said...

Oh No I hope your computer gets well soon LOL. That is my fear. To lose all my pics.

Good luck with the cleaning. We just went thru that a month or so ago. It's not fun but feels so good when you are done.

I watch Whale Wars with my hubby. I used to think it was so boring and mindless but I got sucked in. So I feel you :)

Jenna said...

Oh no, I really hope your computer gets fixed and without spending a lot of money, I hate that! :( My husband watches the dumbest shows lol, but I do catch him watching the ones that I like, like Grey's Anatomy and the Bachelor ha ha! Shhhh...don't tell him I said that!

Have a great weekend and thanks for the comments on my blog, I always look forward to them :)