Thursday, August 13, 2009

Puerto Rico 3

Esto es otra pueblo de Puerto Rico. En esta ocasión le corresponde a la Sultana del Oeste, Mayaguez. Todas las semanas nosotros visitamos este pueblo y nos encanta. Aquí les comparto algunas de las fotos que pudimos sacar ese día por que estaba lloviendo. (En este pueblo también está ubicado el único zoológico que tiene mi Isla).

Que tengan un lindo día

This is another town in Puerto Rico. In this occasion we visited "the Sultan of the West", Mayaguez. Every week we visit this town and we love it. Here I share some of the photos that we were able to take because it was raining. (In this town is also located the only zoo in my Island).

That they have a pretty day


City Hall

Catholic Church

Yaguez Theater

You could see other towns of Puerto Rico (here) and (here).

PS: We add a picture of the embroidered skirts we sell in our Etsy store, thanks.


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Beautiful!!!! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing - I love seeing pictures of places around the world!

Jeremi said...

Hi Annie,
We're in a rush this morning, so I'll be back to place my order later today or tomorrow afternoon (we're heading to my parent's place for a few days). Thanks so much for the info on the skirts!

I love Puerto Rico!! Tom and I were there in 2003 and LOVED it. We drove all around and stayed in a few different places, but I think we were at some of the photos you posted : ) I'm going to check with him.

Have a super day!

Jeremi said...

Hi Annie,
I just went to your shop to place my order but it says you only have one in stock -- I want THREE : )

All 4T

With their names on them: Lauren, Holly and Lexi

Is it still possible to get them by the 28th of August?

You can email me with info if that's okay -- I'll check later tonight. Thanks so much : )