Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nada Nuevo / Nothing New

Nuestro día fue bastante tranquilo (para las niñas y para mí). La verdad que el día pasó tan rápido que ni cuenta me dí. Estoy en el proceso de reorganizar la ropa en los armarios de manera que cuando llegue la Navidad todo eso este listo (no estoy loca, cuando vengan a ver ya van a estar despidiendo el año).

Realizamos diversas actividades con la letra E. Y hasta aquí todo bien. De repente, Paola sacó todos los juguetes y Sofia le ayudó después pero, Sofia estaba en panties y se orinó justo donde estaban los juguetes en el piso. Ella me avisó lo que había sucedido así que se imaginarán mi proceso de limpieza. Pero, no era nada que no tuviese remedio.

En otros temas continuamos trabajando en nuestro patio así que en los próximos días les mostrare los cambios que hemos hecho.

Que tengan buen día

Our day was very tranquil (for the girls and me). The truth is that the day went so fast that I didn't noticed. I am working hard reorganizing our clothes so when Christmas arrives it will be done (I am not crazy, in a blink os an eye it will be new year's).

We did diverse activities with the letter E. Everything went well. Suddenly, Paola removed all the toys and Sofia helped her later but, Sofia was in panties and pee all the toys on the floor. She notified me what had happened. Just imagine cleaning process. But, it was nothing that did not have remedy.

In other themes we continued working in our patio so in the next days I will show you the changes that we have done.

Have a good day


Jeremi said...

Hi Annie,
I think it's so hard to stay on top of organizing -- I feel like that's all I do over here, and when I get done with one thing there's more to work on. Never-ending.

As for the potty-training . . . . do they both know how to use the potty, just don't always do it? If that's the case, have you tried going with them to the bathroom every 1/2 hour or so and have them try, even if they say they don't need to go? Or do some sort of a sticker chart system for when they go on their own (one sticker for making potty, two stickers for making a poo) and when they have a certain number of stickers they get a little special treat (something you decide on)? I know some people have had good luck with giving kids one M&M for potty and 2 for pooping -- or some other little candy they like. Lots of different variations. Main thing is to make a big deal out of the positives (when they go), and help them know when they have to go (I think anyways). Good luck with it!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I love relaxing days - I am ready for one! Hopefully, after my yardsale things will die down. Hang in there with the potty training!