Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Niece Cary / Feliz Cumpleaños a Mi Sobrina Cary

Ayer, celebramos el cumpleaños de mi sobrina Cary. Pasamos un rato muy divertido en la fiesta y Sofia y Paola gozaron mucho. Dios te bendiga, Cary.

Con amor
Titi Annie

Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of my niece Cary. We had a great time at the party and Sofia and Paola enjoyed a lot. God bless you, Cary.

With love
Auntie Annie
Sofia and Paola

With our niece Cary


The Myers Family said...

Happy Birthday Cary!

Oh, it's so funny how Hannah Montana is such a well known person everywhere! It looks like everyone had a great time!


Annie said...

Definitely Brenda, everyone enjoyed the party. It was a great time.