Sunday, March 11, 2012

Domingo / Sunday

Esto fue lo que hicimos hoy:

* Sofía nos despertó a las 9:45

* Tomó su leche.

* 9:55 despertó Paola.

* 10:20 Pablo salió de la cama por tercera vez y se fue a comprar las cosas del desayuno con Sofia.

* Paola y yo nos quedamos jugando con las princesas en mi cama.

* Preparamos el desayuno (huevo frito, pan y café (solo para nosotros dos).

* Pablo y Sofía limpiaron la cocina mientras Paola jugaba.

* Ellos tres jugaron un rato mientras yo hablaba con mi mamá por teléfono.

* Pablo limpió el patio.

* Las niñas jugaron en el patio por un rato mientras yo recogía las camas y barría la casa.

* Lavamos ropa.

* Recorté a Pablo.

* Nos bañamos y salir a hacer compras.

* Cenamos (sí, no hubo almuerzo por que el desayuno fue tarde).

* Planché la ropa de la semana.

En realidad el domingo no es mi día favorito por que el simple hecho de hacer compras hace que perdamos mucho tiempo. Pablo y yo estuvimos hablando de que necesitamos hacer ajustes en la semana para que sábado y domingo tengamos la oportunidad de hacer otras cosas juntos.


This is what we did today:

* Sofía woke up at 9:45 am

* Drink milk.

* 9:55 Paola wakes up .

* 10:20 Pablo left the bed by third time and went to buy bread and milk for breakfast with Sofia. * Paola and I stayed at bed playing with the princesses.

* We made breakfast (fried eggs, bread and coffee (just for the two of us).

* Pablo and Sofía cleaned the kitchen while Paola played.

* Pablo and the girls played while I talked with my mom by telephone.

* Pablo cleaned the patio.

* The girls played in the patio while I was making the beds and sweeping the house.

* We do some laundry.

* I cut Pablo's hair.

* We took a shower and went shopping.

* We had dinner (there was no lunch because the breakfast was late).

* I ironed the clothes of the week.

In reality Sunday is not my favorite day because the simple fact of going shopping for groceries takes a lot of time. Pablo and I were talking about making some adjustments in the week so that on Saturday and Sunday we may have the opportunity to do other things together.



Steph @ The Silly Pearl said...

It seems we are always grocery shopping, always out of something. We aren't very good at planning meals, etc. Sam sometimes goes by himself after work, or I run like a mad woman while the girls are in school. Neither is how we want to spend our time!

Teri M said...

I used to go shopping once a week - it is very handy. Lately it seems like I go all the time. In fact, on my way there now. :-)