Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Calendar: Day 2

Hoy realizamos dos actividades que se disfrutaron al máximo. La primera consistió en ir a Baskin Robbins a comer helados (a todos nos encantan y no es algo que hagamos con frecuencia así que cuando vamos es todo un acontecimiento). La segunda actividad fue jugar dominó con Pablo. Las niñas se divirtieron muchísimo haciendo trampa, digo jugando como todas unas expertas,jaja.

Today we did two activities and enjoyed them to the maximum. The first one consisted of going to Baskin Robbins to eat ice cream (we all love it and is not something that we do frequently so when we go there is an event). The second activity was playing dominoes with Pablo. The girls had a lot of fun doing some cheating, I mean playing as experts, haha.



Mighty M said...

My girl never cheats either. :)

Steph said...

I think letting them be experts is ok at that age! How can you resist those smiles, right?

Malena said...

Pablo has the professional domino look - holding them like that! What a great game to play, bet the girls love playing with Daddy.

I like what you're doing for the calendar. We're boring [and lazy] the kids open chocolate calendars in the mornings, that's it.

Jill said...

Yummy, ice cream!!

Jeremi said...

i bet the girls had so much fun playing with their daddy : ) and ice-cream too --- can't get much better!!