Thursday, December 9, 2010

Remodelación del Baño / Makeover of the Bathroomn

Los cambios hechos fueron la pintura (antes era bone white y ahora es un color arena, la lámpara antes era dorada y ahora blanca). El baño antes tenía bordes en las paredes y ahora no (creanme tampoco los extraño,jaja).


The changes made were painting (before it was bone white and now is a sand color, the lamp was gold and now is white). The bath had wall borders and now they are gone (believe me I don't miss them, ha ha).



Malena said...

I LOVE it!!!!! And so festive! I would spend a lot of time in there if that was my house! Great job!

Jeremi said...

my girls would LOVE all your holiday decorations in the bathroom : )

small changes can make such a big difference! looks great annie : )

Mighty M said...

It's so cute!! :)

Raising Z said...

It looks great! I so need to redo our downstairs bath. I love your shower curtain, soooo cute!

Jill said...

Looks awesome Annie!