Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dentista / Dentista

Sí, nuestra visita al dentista fue todo un éxito. Las niñas se portaron muy bien he hicieron un gran trabajo (claro, la sicología de qué sí le enseñaban los dientes al doctor y le permitían hacer la limpieza iríamos a Toys R US) y dió resultado.

Nosotros tuvimos que sentarnos con ellas pero, lo que importa es que pudieron hacer las limpiezas. Todos tuvimos hoy nuestras limpiezas y estamos libres de caries, muy bien. Luego, fuimos a Toys R Us, allí le dijimos que escogieran lo que desearan (una princesa, un caballito, una muñeca) lo que quisieran pero, ellas fueron buscando un payaso y no lo encontraron así que decidieron seleccionar una bola y ya. Nosotros estabamos sorprendidos pero, esa fue su elección. Luego, fuimos a McDonald's a comer y jugar y por último a Walgreens donde seleccionaron un rompecabezas de Dora. Ellas estaban muy contentas con sus nuevos cepillos de dientes (de Blancanieves cortesía del Dr), la bola, la comida y el rompecabezas.

Simplemente fue una tarde espectacular.


PS: Cada vez que añado una foto tengo problemas y lo tengo que hacer una a una, alguien tiene el mismo problema o alguna sugerencia.

Yes, our visit to the dentist was all a success. The girls behaved very well and did a great work. Of course, a little psycology was used; if they let the dentist do the cleaning we would go to Toys R US and it worked.

We had to sit down with them but, what it really matters is that we could do the cleaning. We all had our cleaning today and we are free of decay, very good. Then, we went to Toys R Us, there we told to choose whatever they desired (a princess, a ponny, a doll) but, they were looking for a clown and there was none so they choose a ball instead. We were surprised but, that was their selection. Then, we went to McDonald' s to eat and play and finally to Walgreens where they selected a Dora the Explorer puzzle. They were very happy with their new Snow White toothbrushes courtesy of the dentist, the ball, the food and the puzzle.

It was simply a spectacular afternoon.


PS: Each time that I add a photo, I have problems and I have to do it one by one, Do anyone has the same problem or some suggestion?




Here she have a little accident on her eye.


Jeremi said...

love the before, during and after shots : ) doesn't it feel great when a visit like that is successful and positive : )

happy wednesday, Annie!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Yay for no cavities! Way to go pretty & sweet girls!

Cheryl Lage said...

Look at their pretty smiles! Job well done, Girls...and Mama!

(I've always had to load pictures one at a time. Guess I'm no help!)

Have a great week, Annie!

*LLUVIA* said...

aawwww...! I don't blame them, though. I hate the dentist. It gives me the shivers when I lay there powerless while a stranger's hand is inside my mouth! ay ay ay!! I need a toy too!!! :D

Lovely pictures!

Kimberly said...

I am glad they did so well!! You will be amazed by how much better they are the next time. Our kids went from crying through the cleaning at 2, to sitting in the chair by themselves and cooperating 6 months later.

Jill said...

Way to go girls! There's nothing wrong with a little bribery.

Malena said...

It's great that you've been taking them to the dentist - some parents wait til the kids loose a tooth and it's much harder for the older kid to get used to a dentist. At least that's what I think.

Hurray for healthy teeth!

Heather said...

Yay for healthy teeth! Great pictures.

I've had trouble on and off with the photo uploader for some time. I use picasa and bring over the html code to make my pictures bigger anyway. Don't use the uploader at all anymore.

Rebecca said...

Your girls have beautiful teeth. You are lucky they were so good. Some kids hate the dentist. We are lucky too the girls LOVE going to the dentist.