Sunday, November 1, 2009

Buenas Noticias / Good News

No, la buena noticia no es que estoy embarazada (ya quisiera yo tener un bebé más) pero es que ya tengo computadora, síííí. Como les dije antes la anterior se murió y el virus que cogió fue mortal para ella, así que en paz descanse en el área de reciclaje (sí es que la pueden reciclar,jaja). Todos mis archivos pudieron ser rescatados y gracias a Dios y al técnico no perdí mis fotos. Así que la nueva tarea ahora es comenzar a revelar todas las fotos y colocarlas en sus respectivos álbunes. También le agradezco a mi esposito el haberme comprado una nueva computadora, esta es mucho más rápida y más actualizada, sí.

Lo que significa que luego de dos semanas ahora vuelvo a tener todos mis mensajes diarios. Así que a mis fieles amigas que a pesar de yo no tener mi computadora siempre me dejaron sus mensajitos, les digo que hay Annie para rato.

Que tengan una hermosa semana


No, the good news is not that I am pregnant (I wish) is that I already have my computer back, yeeeeeessss. As I said before the previous one died and the virus that it caught was mortal, so now it rests in peace at the recycling area (If it can be recycled, haha). All my files were rescued and thanks to God and to the technician I did not lose my photos. So the new task now is to begin to printvthe photos and to place them in their respective albums. Also I thank my hubby who bought me a new computer, this one is a lot more faster and more up to date, yes.

This means that after two weeks now I have again all my daily messages. So to my faithful friends that in spite of not having my computer always left messages to me, looks like there is Annie for a while.

Have a beautiful week



Jeremi said...

This is just GREAT news Annie!!
I'm so glad your stuff wasn't lost, and most importantly your photos!! And Yippeeee on a new computer : )

The Smiths said...

that is GREAT NEWS!!

I would have been devastated if I lost all the kids' pictures from our computer. I have (since your computer crashed) been putting our pictures on that I will have them forever in case something happens.

So glad you are BACK!!

Steph said...

Yay glad you are back and that you got the photos too! What a relief!

monica said...

That is wonderful news. Welcome back to cyberspace! Isn't it nice to be able to talk to and keep track of life! Yay for not losing any of your pictures!

Chelsea said...

I am so happy for you that you didn't lose any pictures of your beautiful children! Welcome back to cyberspace...enjoy that new computer! :)