Thursday, November 5, 2009

Agenda de Navidad / Christmas Agenda

Las tareas para esta semana eran:

1. Buscar las manualidades que realizarás durante la Navidad - Listo

2. Seleccionar las postales navideñas y actualizar el listado de direcciones - Listo

3. Comienza la compra de papel de regalo, cinta adhesiva y otros materiales que necesites para envolver los regalos - Listo (algunos de estos materiales ya los tenía en mi casa y lo único que necesito comprar es el papel de regalo. Esto lo compraré en los próximos días).

4. Limpieza y Organización - Cuarto familiar y armarios en el pasillo -Listo

Tareas para la Próxima Semana:

1. Planifica la comida de Acción de Gracias (verifica sí será en tú casa o pregunta que debes llevar sí es en algún otro lugar).

2. Mantén la casa limpia y organizada (especialmente las áreas dónde ya trabajastes).

3. Limpieza y Organización: Para esta semana tendremos varios trabajos de limpieza pero, no te desanimes son pequeños. Trabajaremos con la alacena, la nevera,los baños y sí tienes cuarto de huéspedes.

4. Continúa con las compras de regalos y ropa para las fiestas Navideñas.

Como ves ya practicamente tenemos la casa lista para la Navidad y poco a poco estamos haciendo las compras, lo que significa que vamos por muy buen camino.

Feliz Jueves

The tasks for this week were:

1. Looking the handicrafts that you can do during Christmas - Ready

2. Selecting Christmas postcards and bringing up to date the addresses list- Ready

3. Purchase of wrapping paper, adhesive tape and other materials needed to wrap the gifts - Ready (some of these materials I already had them in my house and the only thing that I need to buy is the wrapping paper. This I will buy it in the next days).

4. Cleaning and Organization - Family room and hallway closets - Ready

Tasks for Next Week:

1. Plans for the thanksgiving food (check if it will be at your house or asks what you have to bring if it is in some other place).

2. Keep your house clean and organized (especially the areas that have been already cleaned).

3. Cleaning and Organization: For this week we will have various works of cleaning but, do not get discourage they are small. We will work with the closet, the refrigerator, the baths and guest room.

4. Continue purchasing gifts and clothes for the Christmas activities.

As you already see we have the house practically ready for Christmas and little by little we are making the purchases, which means that we are on the way of a succesfull completion of our project.

Happy Thursday


Master Bedroom






Girls Bedroom


Ha, I realized that I don't know where are my after pictures, so I need to take them again.

Family Room (aka, office and playroom)

(during the day I will post the pictures)


Bethany said...

Looks like you have been busy! You are definitely ahead of me with Thanksgiving and Christmas plans! Way to go!

Shelly said...

Your before pictures don't even look too bad! ha! You have been a busy girl! I ordered and received my Christmas cards this week and have begun addressing them just this morning! I do need to get caught up on cleaning, so I am starting that on Monday--upstairs first! Thanks for the inspiration!

monica said...

Looks like you have been very busy! The organization really helps! You are on your way to a great Christmas!!

girlytwins said...

Wow. You have been one busy Momma! Way to go. Can you send me some of your energy? :)

I have bought 1 Christmas gift. I so need to get this ball rolling.

Ladybug Mama of 2 said...

Wow I may have all my gifts bought, but my house is nowhere near ready. I need to clean and get organized then I need to paint one wall in my living room, the kitchen, our room, the girls room, and the bathroom. Oh my I better get busy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

monica said...

I am feeling good about my progress. I started buying today while at the store a few boxes for wrapping things in and a thing of tape. A little at a time. I am feeling really organized and I am glad that I have listed it so I can go back and remember what I am doing and what needs to be done. Thanks for helping me with this!! Onto this weeks task!