Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Todo Está Bien / Everything Is Fine

Solo quería comentarles que gracias a Dios el día de hoy fue mejor. Las niñas están comenzando a ser ellas nuevamente. Paola, está practicamente curada y Sofía pues está comenzando a tener un poquito de ronquera, pero la fiebre desapareció.

Vamos encamino a estar sanos y saludables otra vez.

Que tengan un feliz Miércoles

All I wanted to comment is that thanks to God today was a better day. The girls are becoming themselves again. Paola is practically cured and Sofía shows signs of a mild sore throat, but the fever disappeared.

We are on our way to be healthy again.

Have a happy Wednesday



Jeremi said...

Good to hear!!
Keep taking care, hope your cough improves soon : )

Malena said...

I totally missed that you guys weren't well! Sorry! Glad to hear things are back to normal!