Monday, November 2, 2009

Día Difícil / Hard Day

Todo comenzó ayer cuando Sofía comenzó a tener fiebre. Esto nos angustia muchísimo porque cuando tenía un año y dos meses convulsó, así que imaginen nuestra tensión cuando le da fiebre. Cuando se levantó en la mañana tenía un poco de fiebre pero rápidamente le dí un baño con agua fría y no le dió más fiebre hasta las 6, pero resolvimos rápido.

Por otro lado, mientras yo preparaba el almuerzo atendí una llamada y al finalizar la misma Sofía decidió que quería ir a colgar el teléfono. Esto es algo que ya había hecho muchas veces así que no había problemas pero de repente, comenzó a llorar. Yo salí corriendo de la cocina para encontrarme colgando de cabeza entre los muebles de la sala y la mesa del teléfono. Terminó con un golpe en la esquina de la cabeza, pero nada que requiera ir al hospital. De más está decir que el susto fue horrible. Luego, no quiso almorzar. En todo el día solo tomo leche y comió una crema, nada más.

Cuando Pablo se fue a trabajar ella comenzó a llorar y a gritar que no se fuera, así que estuvo más de 30 minutos en mis brazos llorando. Por lo demás, la tarde fue un poco más "tranquila" y hasta hicimos bizcochitos de zanahoria.

Tan solo espero que el día de mañana sea mejor.

Feliz Martes

All began yesterday when Sofía began to have fever. This gave us a lot anguish because it's been a year and two months since she had a convulsion, so imagine our tension everytime she has a fever. When she woke up this morning she had a little fever but I quickly gave her a bath with cold water and stopped fever until 6 this afternoon, but we resolved that quickly.

On the other hand, while I prepared lunch I attended a call and upon finalizing the same Sofía wanted to hang the telephone. This is something that she has done many times so there was no problem but suddenly, she began to cry. I left running of the kitchen to find her between the furniture of the room and the table of the telephone. It finished with a blow in the corner of the head, but nothing that require to go to the hospital. Obviously the scare was horrible. She did not have lunch. In all day she just had milk and a cream, nothing more.

When Pablo went to work she began to cry and to shout to please stay, so she was about 30 minutes in my arms crying. Otherwise, the afternoon was a little more "tranquil" and we even did carrot muffins.

I just hope that tomorrow will be better day.

Happy Tuesday


CGBG said...

Glad to hear the girls are doing better. Hopefully it stays that way! Wishing you well for tomorrow!

Krystal said...

I hope tomorrow goes much better! And that Sofia stays healthy. :)

Steph said...

Oh poor Sofia and poor mama! I would be scared too if we had a past experience with convulsions as you did. Looks like the carrot muffins helped though!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Oh you poor thing! I dislike any bumps on the head scares! So glad everyone is okay now. Adorable pics of the girls making cupcakes.
They are precious!
I have not forgotten about their VERY belated birthday gift - I have to go and buy supplies to paint. Abby & Emma told me, "Do not paint, Mom, just send them a princess." And I may just do that since my girls recommend it! Expect something in the mail the next few days!

Rebecca said...

Your girls are so cute, I hope they feel better soon!

Jeremi said...

So sorry to hear Sofia was not feeling well yesterday. Do you mind sharing more details about her convulsion from a year ago? Scary!!

Your muffins sound yummy!
And your girls look so cute in the photos -- what helpful little helpers : )

Take care,

Noelle said...

Espero que hoy sea un dia mucho mejor!!!

Twincerely,Olga said...

oh Annie!I hope your day is better!

The Smiths said...

Definitely sounds like a hard day. Those are days I wish would end quickly and never come around again.

Love the little muffin helpers.

Raising Z said...

Sounds like a stressful day! I am glad the afternoon went a little smoother for you. I love the pictures :)

tbonegrl said...

Oh Annie! I hope that they are both well. I feel so bad that you were so scared!