Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fin De Semana / Weekend

El fin de semana transcurrió tan rápido que no me dí cuenta. Mientras estoy aquí sentada escribiendo pienso ¿qué hice en el fin de semana?. De manera que yo pueda recordar que tanto hice debo enumerar las cosas:

Viernes: Fue un día sumamente tranquilo. Las niñas y yo realizamos diversas actividades con las letras del abecedario. Realicé algunas manualidades para el cumpleaños (todavía estoy un poquito atrasadita pero en orbita,jaja).

Sábado: Terminamos algunos bordados que teníamos encargados. Fuimos de compras y a comer. Una nota curiosa es que cuando fuimos a comer las niñas seleccionaron el lugar donde querían comer y luego se quisieron sentar ellas frente a nosotros (lo normal es Pablo se siente junto a una de ellas y la otra conmigo). Es increíble los cambios que han ocurrido en casi tres años. Luego, a visitar a mis padres.

Domingo: Finalizamos algunos detalles para el cumpleaños y entregamos otra mercancía de bordados (al menos, por acá estamos teniendo ventas ya que en Etsy las cosas no nos van bien).

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Que pasen un feliz semana

The weekend went so fast. While I am here seated writing, I'm thinking ¿what did I do in the weekend? The only way to remember is enumerating the things:

Friday: Was an extremely tranquil day. The girls and I we carry out diverse activities with the letters of the alphabet. I carried out some handicrafts for the birthday party (I am a little bit behind but still on track, hahaha).

Saturday: We finished some embroidered diappers we had to deliver. We went shopping and eating. A curious note is that when we went to eat, the girls selected the place where they wanted to sit and they decided to sit down in front of us (normally one sits next to Pablo and the other with me). Is incredible the changes that have occurred in almost three years. Then, we visited my parents.

Sunday: We continued with more details for the birthday party and we delivered some embroidered merchandise (luckly we are having some sales here since in our Etsy internet store things are not doing well).

Don't forget to visit Lani's blog
Triplets: Who Knew and take part of her Blog for a Cure is all this week.

Have a nice week



Krystal said...

Wow...they do grow up fast! I guess before you know it, they will be driving! :) BTW I LOVE how you post in both spanish and helps me keep my spanish skills up!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I love wonderful weekends!
Hope you all are doing good!

Jeremi said...

Can't wait to see pics from the bday fun : )
Sounds like a nice weekend Annie!!
: ) Jeremi

The Smiths said...

Sounds like a wonderful relaxing weekend.
Ours was a bit busy...I will post about it soon. Hopefully sales will pick up for your Etsy store soon. I have been meaning to post a little advertisement for your store on my facebook and blog...and show pics of the towel I won. Thanks again.