Thursday, September 10, 2009

Felices 35 Meses / Happy 35 Months!!!!

Oh Dios mío, como pasa el tiempo. Estamos a solo un mes de que cumplan tres años (alguien me puede decir como ocurrió esto). Como toda mamá que tuvo niñas prematuras siempre quedan dudas sobre como se desarrollarán pero, gracias a Dios están a su nivel para la edad. Es increíble lo mucho que hablan y pelean (claro, que hermanos no pelean) pero, también son bien cariñosas y educadas. Gracias a Dios, son saludables y no padecen de nada serio hasta el día de hoy (toco madera y le agradezco a Dios por eso).

Dios las bendiga siempre y recuerden que mamita y papito las amamos mucho.


PS: Aquí les dejo algunas fotos de ayer (miércoles).

Oh my God, how time flies. Just one month for my babies third birthday (someone can tell me how did this happened). As every mom that had premature girls there's always a little doubt on how well our children will grow but, thanks God they are on their level for their age. It is incredible how much they talk and fight (of course, are there any sibblings that do not fight) but, also they are well loving and educated. Thanks God, they are healthy and they do not show any serious health problems(I knock on wood and thank God for that).

God bless you always and and remember that mommy and daddy love you a lot.


PS: Here are some photos of yesterday (Wednesday).

Making "sofrito"

Making a collage for letter A

Making a blue collage because in spanish blue is "azul" and start with letter A

Painting letter A with blue

Today: Watching Barney


Lani said...

Oh my goodness, 3 already!! Tell those girls to slow down! They are such cuties making their little collages- I can't wait till mine can do that stuff:)

The Smiths said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comments.

Wow!! almost 3!! And I didn't know that your girls were premature. You can even tell they had a rough start. Wow! God is good. So what are the big plans for their birthday?? I bet you have lots to plan for.

And what is "sofrito"?

Heather said...

What a fun idea. I should try this with Charlotte. Happy 35 months to your girls!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Happy 35 months girls! You are beautiful! And getting so big! I can not wait to see their birthday party pics!!!!

Jeremi said...

Oh Annie, your girls are so so so pretty and sweet looking!! I know exactly what you mean about having preemies and being so thankful that they're healthy and don't have any major issues. Sometimes I worry that people think I'm 'bragging' about what my girls do, but it still goes back to being a preemie mom and not knowing if we'd have health/learning issues to deal with -- so when they do stuff I'm SUPER excited and proud : ) I was so prepared when they came early that we would have stuff to deal with, so it still takes me by surprise at times, even though they're three now.

How many weeks early were your two? And almost three!! What are you doing for their bday?

FUN projects also -- love the Aa for azul!!

Have a great Friday!

Mommy to beautiful twin girls said...

OMG I Love your idea to do collages for letters I am so stealing it :)

I am knew to blogging but love it already. You get so many ideas. Your twins are beautiful. Take a look at my blog. I am new so if you have any advise let me know, it can be confusing