Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dijo Qué? / Say What

Como todos los miércoles mi amiga Missy de Two Little Monkeys modera ¿Dijo Qué?, aquí puedes contar las cosas graciosas que dicen tus hijos o cualquier persona que conozcas.

En mi pasada visita al dentista.
Paola: Mami, mira esa nena tiene el pantalón roto.
Yo: Sí, shhhh.
Paola: Pero mami, esta roto.
Se imaginarán que la adolescente que estaba al frente nos estaba mirando bien seria.

Hoy, cuando Pablo llegó de trabajar.
Paola: Oye, llegaste. Tú te vas a trabajar.
Pablo: No, ya salí.
Paola: Te quedas con nosotras.
Pablo: Sí, yo vivo aquí.

Que tengan un feliz Jueves.

As every Wednesday my friend Missy of Two Little Monkeys moderates Say, What?, here you can write the funny things that your children say or any person you know.

In our last visit to the dentist.

Paola: Mommy, look,that girl's pants are broken.

Me: Yes, shhhh.

Paola: But mommy, it is broken.

(You can imagine how serious was the look in the teenagers eyes).

Today, when Pablo arrived from to work.

Paola: Hey, you arrived? Are you are going back to work?

Pablo: No, I've already left.

Paola: Are you staying with here.

Pablo: Yes, I live here.

Have a happy Thursday.



Lani said...

Hi Annie!
Thanks for participating in the Blog Party! I appreciate your help! I will have the Mr Linky set up on Sept 28th, midnight, and it will remain active for a week. It will be a little bit different than the last Blog Party:) Actually, I am posting about it in a little bit on Multiples and More too:) Don't hesitate to email me if there's anything I can explain!

BoufMom9 said...

Very cute! Can just imagine the facial expression on the teenager! LOL

Jeremi said...

Funny funny funny!!

Malena said...

How cute! It's a good thing we blog and write these things down, or we'd forget!

LOVE your belly photo too, what a perfect belly!

Bethany said...

Happy Thursday to you too! Kids do say the funniest things sometimes! You gotta love it though:)!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Hee Hee! How adorable! I love it!
Thanks for playing along! (I am sorry I was delayed on leaving you a comment.)