Monday, September 28, 2009

Días Emocionantes / Exciting Days

Esta semana es de gran importancia para nuestra familia. Este miércoles, mi mamá se retira luego de 30 años trabajando como maestra. Son unos días en los cuáles yo sé que ella esta viviendo una gran emoción al igual que yo. Ella por que ahora podrá realizar diversas actividades y pasatiempos que durante todos esos años no pudo hacer o simplemente, disfrutar el día a día en paz y tranquilidad. Por mi parte, será la primera vez que pueda disponer de mi mamá en cualquier momento sin tener que pensar que está trabajando o que debe cumplir un horario. Ya no debo esperar hasta el mediodía o la tarde para hablar con ella o esperar al fin de semana para pasar más tiempo juntas. Solo le ruego a Dios por que ella pueda disfrutar su retiro.

Por otro lado, mañana será la despedida oficial que le realicen los compañeros de trabajo, lo que imagino que vendrá cargado de muchas lágrimas y sonrisas. Ya les contaré mañana que tal fue la actividad y les prometo muchas fotos,jaja.

Feliz Martes

This week is of great importance for our family. This Wednesday, my mom retires after 30 years of working as a teacher. Thiese days I know she is living a great emotion just like me. Her because now she will be able to do diverse activities and hobbies that during all those years she could not do or simply, to enjoy the day by day in peace and tranquility. By my part, will be the first time that I can have my mom at any moment without having to think that she is working or that she should comply with a schedule. No longer I have to wait until noon or the afternoon to speak with her or to wait for the weekend to spend some time with her. I just pray to God so she can enjoy her retirement.

On the other hand, tomorrow will be the official farewell from all of her coworkers, which I imagine will come full of many tears and smiles. I will tell you tomorrow how the activity goes and I promise many photos, ha ha ha.

Happy Tuesday

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The Smiths said...

It sounds like tomorrow will be bittersweet for you mom. Praying for a smooth transition into retirement.

How awesome to have your mom whenever!! I am like that with my mom...I want to call her up anytime I have a question.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Please tell your Mom Congratulations! My dad retired 2 years ago and loves retirement! I know your mom will love it! She will love having more time to spend with her girls (you & your daughters)

Jeremi said...

How wonderful for you and your Mom : )
I LOVE that my Mom is retired -- it's such a blessing to have more time with her (and my Dad too).
Have fun! Looking forward to hearing about it and seeing pics.

Jenna said...

Congrat to you mom! That is awesome that she was a teacher for so many years! She will miss her friends, but i'm sure she will enjoy being retired much more :)

Have a great week!!!