Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visita al Cardiólogo / Cardiologist Appointment

La cita con el cardiólogo estuvo relativamente bien por un lado y no muy bien por otro. Primero el lado positivo, luego de pruebas y preguntas resultó ser que gracias a Dios está bien su corazón. Aparentemente todo es provocado por el stress así que lo único que se puede hacer es coger las cosas con calma. También lo enviaron a hacer ejercicios cinco veces a la semana (sí, ahora tengo un compañero de ejercicios). La próxima cita será en agosto para ver cómo sigue.

El lado negativo es que no sabemos a que se debió el dolor que le dió. Ahora mismo nuestra siguiente opción es consultar un neurólogo y pedirle que le realice diferentes pruebas para ver si llegamos al problema. Esto significa que esta es mi tarea para el lunes en la mañana.

Gracias Missy y Katy por sus comentarios.


The appointment with the cardiologist was relatively well on one side and not very good on the other hand. First the positive side, after tests and many questions thanks to God he has a healthy heart. Apparently all is caused by stress so the only thing that he can do is relax and do the things with calm. Also he was sent to do exercises five times a week (yes, now I have a companion to do excersises). The next appointment will be in August to find out the progress.

The negative side is that we do not know for certain what caused his pain. Right now our next option is to consult a neurologist and ask for more tests to see if we can find an answer. This means that this is my task for Monday morning.

Thanks Missy and Katy for your comments.



Lani said...

I'm glad they didn't find any problems- and I hope they can just chalk it all up to stress and that's it! Maybe you two need a nice relaxing vacation:)

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Glad to hear that he has a healthy heart and I know they will get to the bottom of what caused the problem. Yay for having a exercise partner - working out with someone is always better than doing it alone!

Heather said...

Wow.. just catching up as I have been away at the beach. How stressful for your family. I am relieved that they didn't find anything wrong during the cardiologist visit. Prayers are with you that they find out what caused this and it is nothing serious.