Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lo logré / I made it

No olviden hacer sus preguntas. Estas serán publicadas el jueves (ojalá tenga muchas preguntas para responder).


Quería compartir con ustedes mi gran emoción, lo logré bajé mis 5 libras. Es el mejor regalo que yo misma he podido hacerme. Estoy complacida conmigo misma y aún espero continuar bajando de peso (digo no pienso ponerme como Olivia la de Popeye) pero sí un poco más delgada. Ya comencé mis ejercicios de yoga (el que piense que en el yoga va solo a meditar se equivoco por que terminé súper agotada). Y les diré que hasta Paola me busca el DVD para que haga mis ejercicios, aquí hay un complot entre padre e hijas, hahaha.

Buenas noches

Do not forget to ask your questions. I will publish the answers on Thursday (I hope there are many questions to respond).


It wanted to share with you the big news, I managed to lose 5 pounds. It is the best gift than I have been able to give myself. I am very pleased but still I wish to continue losing weight (I mean I do not want to end up like Popeye's Olive Oil). Already I began my yoga exercises (if you think yoga is just to meditate you are mistaken because I finished super exhausted). Even Paola looks for the DVD so I can do my exercises, I think there is a conspiracy between father and daughters, hahaha.

Good evening



Missy said...

Congratulations!!!! You go Girl!

Triplet Mama said...

Way to go! Awesome! 5 pounds is a lot!

Alright here are my questions:
Have you ever travelled outside PR? If so where did you go? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you visit?

At what age will your girls start learning English in school?

Heather said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. What a great job you are doing.