Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Recap!!!!

Tuesday: We went to the mall. Bought some snacks and did a little bit of window shopping. It was a nice afternoon for us.

Wednesday: I had lots of fun with the girls. I'm trying to learn new hairstyles and of course, they enjoyed dress up time. Of course, I'm trying to cleaned and organized the house when they are playing nicely. On this particular day I got rid of school stuff.

Thursday: Sofia and Paola are obsessed with Cake Boss, Junior Master Chef, and shows like that so, while they watched t.v.I finished with my closet and organized three bins. That's means another chore crossed.
I'm trying to cleaned and organized during June because Pablo have his vacations next month and we want to do fun things with the girls.

She spend some of her money and bought this dress.

She also add some make up to her face.

And Princess Anna
She also put the make up 

Goofy girls!

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