Monday, June 23, 2014

Plane tickets!!!!

Let's talk about vacations. Last summer we went to Disney and had a great time. Lots of memories and of course, some tears when everything was done and back to the reality.
Our goal for this summer is going back to Disney but not everything is like we are planning. At this moment we have a big problem, we only have our plane tickets but cancelled the hotel reservation why? Well, because if we have to cancel our trip is affordable (maybe is not the correct word) to loose some money than a whole package. We are hoping for a miracle and crossing our fingers that at least we go for a week, but my girls are dreaming about it and of course, Pablo and I too.
Other problem is that the company that I work is going to hire us for work on July. That means, just one month of vacations for me and the worst part is that Pablo is going to have his vacations on July, ughhh!!!

We are praying for at least a quick trip.

Here are some pictures from today.


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