Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Recap!!!!

We went to ate lunch at Sizzler to celebrate my girls Daddy. The food was delicious. After that, the girls and I went to the mall and bought his gifts. While we're shopping he was hanging around the mall.
We did a quick trip to Sam's Club and found frozen notebooks for school so, we bought them. Now my girls are over the moon with their frozen notebooks.
By the time we came back to home Pablo heard a noise. When he opened the door our sinks was flooded and the kitchen, hallway, dinning room and of course, inside the cabinet under the sink. Amazing end to our wonderful day.

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Jeremi said...

oh no! sorry to hear about the water -- we love frozen over here too : )

i tried posting on your father's day post and it won't open for me. the photos of your girls and pablo are just precious and beautiful. : )