Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday!!!!!

Every Tuesday Pablo had the afternoon free so yesterday, since the girls were with my mother we decided to went on a date. It was a strange afternoon because we are always with the girls but we need our time together. We did a little window shopping (ha,ha), ate lunch, called the girls and day asked to stayed another night with my mom so, I said yes. 

I decided to went to the school supplies and bought a package of ladybugs for decorating my classroom in August. After that, we went home and watched some tv.

Today, I did some cleaning and organized the hallway closet. I really enjoyed my time alone, sola at home during the day. Now, I'm so excited waiting for them.


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Jeremi said...

i have been working in my classroom each morning this week, alone as well -- and also really enjoying that time! i get so much more done ; ) tom and i need to have some 'us' time too, that's smart to do. isn't it wonderful your girls love spending time with their grama : )