Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tibes y el Parque / Indian Park and Another Park

Our first stop was at the Indian Park (the real name is Tibes). They had a little museum, a "movie room" where you watch a DVD with information of the indians. After that, a guide show us the area where the indians live, the boat (in spanish is canoa) they used for fishing and the area where they played (the real name is batey, spanish name). Our girls had a great time around the park and we were happy to show them a little of our culture.

This is how they used to live (real name is aldeas)
Bohio (indian house)
We were sitting at the big stones that were used by the indian chief
And the girls had fun walking at the indian play area

After that we headed to the mountain to a new park. It's a big park with a splash area, playground and little "cover areas" for picnics. We stayed for almost an hour.
It's a cool place but is far away from the city so, we don't have plans to go again. Check the cover area for picnics to the left and if you see the big mountain at the back well, behind it is a lake.


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Jeremi said...

what a great day! looks like a really interesting and fun place. i think we went through those mountains when we were in PR.

happy saturday, annie!