Saturday, June 30, 2012

Junio / June Recap

Playground at Burger King

Beach birthday party
(for a friend of school. boy with blue shirt)

At the beach  Paola was stung by a jellyfish. There was a lot of crying and the arm was red but then, was normalized. Thanks to God, she was not allergic. 

After the party we went home took showers and headed to New York Pizza, yummy.
Love her pose!!! (she was speaking with my mom)

Continue reading, please (June recap).

El mes de junio fue maravilloso para nosotros ya que disfrutamos mucho en familia.


Actividades gratis:

* Parque de Lajas
* Parque de Sabana Grande
* Parque Wito Morales
* Urban Park
* Playa 4 veces
* Piscina en nuestra casa
* Faro de Rincón
* Visita a la Guancha
* Visitamos dos santuarios
* La Parguera
* Boquerón

Lugares pagando:

* Zoológico
* Tibes
* Cine (Madagascar y Brave)


* Fuimos a una fiesta de cumpleaños
* Pagamos una matrícula de la escuela
* Pintamos el family
* Lavamos las ventanas de los tres dormitorios y el baño
* Fiesta de graduación de las nenas
* Cita en el oftalmólogo (nenas)


We had a wonderful month with lots of fun and family time. Let's see what we did during the month:

Free activities:

* Parks (4 different parks)
* Pool
* Beach
* Lighthouse (2)
* Places near the beach (2)
* Religious places (2)

Paying things:

* Zoo
* Movies (Madagascar and  Brave)
* Tibes

Other things we do:

* Went to a birthday party
* Paint the family room
* Paid one fee at school
* Clean the windows in all bedrooms and bathroom
* Graduation party
* Eye Dr. appointment (for the girls)


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Jeremi said...

oh no about the jelly fish!! how do you treat that? i'm glad she felt better quickly.