Monday, January 23, 2012

Reporte de Progreso / School Progress Report

La semana pasada ambas niñas recibieron su informe de progreso del pasado semestre. Gracias a Dios, las dos dominan todas las destrezas dadas hasta el momento y tienen una excelente conducta.

Sofi y Pao, papi y mami estamos muy orgullosos de ustedes.

Es tan emocionante ver como todo lo que uno le ha enseñado más lo aprendido en la escuela es recompensado con un excelente trabajo.


Last week both girls received their progress report of last semester. Thanks God, they approved all the skills they gave to them and had an excellent behavior.

Sofi and Pao, daddy and mommy are very proud of you.

It is so exciting to see how well they work and that they love to learn (which they continue the same way during all school years).


Side note: want to document how they are writing right now.

Sofia's notebook

Paola's notebook


Teri M said...

Awesome job girls!

Malena said...

OMG! Their handwriting is FABULOUS!!! They have better handwriting than me! Awesome job girls and MAMA! :)

Jeremi said...

very very nice!!

The Smiths said...

Fantastic handwriting! I was going to post soon some pics of Dakota's handwriting. He is really getting into doing "journals".