Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Día de Año Nuevo / New Years Day

On New Years Day we woke up around 11. Had a great breakfast (ok, brunch) and then headed outside to started with one of our projects for 2012. Everyone was excited and happy to get a fresh paint to our house.

It was a wonderful day and excited because we worked together as a family.


They applied some primer

I peeled the house

with hubby

Add more primer

and the before

and after

much better, still have some work in the process but I will post about them when we finish.


Jeremi said...

the house looks great!!! i'm really impressed you all got it done so quickly and how nice you all worked on it together. our house took SOOOOOOO long to work on (ugh, and not a lot of fun), but the end results sure are nice.

super way to start the year!!

Malena said...

Wow! You guys did amazing! The house looks great! And it looks so exotic with the palmtree looking it!

Thank you for your email, so sweet, I will respond! Hugs!

Raising Z said...

It looks great Annie! How great that you all worked together :)

Deanna said...

The house looks great! That is very impressive that you got it all done in a day...and it looks like you had great helpers. : )