Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quinceañero de Thalia / Thalia's Sweet 15: Part 2

(L to R: Mia, Paola, Cary, Inaisi, Sofia and Omar)

Mia is one week older than my girls.

The girls with Thalia


Beautiful girls

Dancing girls

(with my cousin Tali)

(cousin Ive, mother of the birthday girl)

(with my cousin Wanda and nephew)

(with Daddy)

(with cousin David)

For sure they had lots of fun dancing.

With my serious hubby


(Sofia (F) Wanda, my sister Carmin, Ive, me and my niece)

It was a wonderful party with lots of fun.



Teri M said...

Love all the pictures - so fun when family and friends can get together!!

Raising Z said...

Looks like a super fun party! You all look so great :)

Steph @ The Silly Pearl said...

All of you look beautiful! Happy Birthday to Thalia!