Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Semana de la Puertorriqueñidad / Puerto Rican Week at School

La semana pasada se celebró la semana de la puertorriqueñidad en la escuela. Hubo varias actividades durante la semana las cuáles las niñas disfrutaron mucho.


Last week they celebrated the puerto rican week at school. There were several activities during the week that they enjoyed a lot.


Monday, November 14

Activity: Religious Service

Before Church

At Church

With their teacher

With BF Alana


Activity: Traditional Game

(no pictures)


Activity: Historic Competitions

(no pictures)


No activities for the day


Activity: Different Shows about Puerto Rico

Kinder group said a Poem

Before presentation

We made her hat. It represents the beach

Byron clothes represents our flag

Group: Kinder


Groups: First and Second Grade

(little indians)

Group: Sixth Grade

Group: Kindergarten

(missing my little Paola)

Group: Fifth Grade

Group: Pre Kinder

My precious girl


Malena said...

What an amazing week of celebrations! LOVE all the costumes! The beach hat is awesome!

Jeremi said...

this looks like the neatest week at school -- it made me really really want to get back to puerto rico soon!! : ) was it hard not having paola there?

love how you did the beach hat too, cute and creative.