Thursday, May 12, 2011

Primer Día de Juegos PK / First Field Day PK

El pasado jueves 4 se celebró el primer día de juegos de las niñas. Ellas esperaban ese día con ansias y cuando al fin sucedió disfrutaron al máximo. Ambas participaron en los cinco eventos que hicieron y se alegraban cada vez que recibían su premio (cinta). A pesar de tan solo llevar tres días de operado Pablo fue con nosotras así que no se perdió esa gran experiencia. Luego, cuando finalizó todo fuimos a comprar arroz chino con pollo, por el servi carro. Gracias mi Dios, por permitirnos estar junto a ellas siempre.


Last Thursday 4th the girls had their first field day. They were waiting fot this day with anxieties and when at the end it happened they enjoyed it to the maximum. They both participated in the five events that were made and they were happy each time that they received their prize (tape). Pablo was able to be there in spite the fact that three days before he had his surgery. Then, when it ended we all went to buy Chinese rice with chicken, by the servi car. Thanks my God for giving us the opportunity to be next to them every time.


Ready to go

Before it started

First event: Race

Prize for the first event

Waiting for the second event

Second event: Baby bottles

Third event: Pass the ball

Fourth event: Running in circles

Fifth event: Another race

Showing all their prizes

Pictures of us

(poor hubby looks bad)


Jeremi said...

hi annie --- what FUN!!! i bet the girls just had a blast : ) they are always so cute in their photos : )

i know what you mean, being so thankful you and pablo can be part of what they do. i was just thinking that yesterday, our days are full and busy but i am able to be part of EVERYTHING my daughter's are doing right now ..... what a gift : ) our lives will change next fall when i'm back to work full-time -- lots of good changes, and with ella and zoe in school full-time too it's the right time. but i get anxious thinking how i'll manage it all, and still enjoy my time with my girls.

anyways, i hope you have a super day : )

Kimberly said...

They are so adorable! Looks like they had a wonderful time!

Jamie said...

Looks like the girls had a great time...and all those awards!!! AWESOME!!!!

Jill said...

Such CUTE pictures! I love the ones of the girls with their ribbons!